nov 28th (tuesday) practise report

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Was there for a bit today
-DJ was there I thought with a bit of a limp at times, was in with the first team O and with the second team O so its hard to tell if he'll be in this week
-Durant was taking second team reps
-James Patrick had a nice pick off a bishop throw
-Wayne Smith was back in, dont know if he was back on the first team O or not.
-Tad will start over JJ again

If anyone has any questions i will try to answer them.
What i saw was about a 50/50 split i wanna say he'd be a 6th reciever this week if anything. No more fights from Belton and i believe he was starting at one tackle position but i am not sure about January/Smith starting the other side.

Wow...November already? :slight_smile:

Wow Bishop got picked off? No, it couldn't have been Michael.

First off....we are going to slaughter TO on Thursday.

-Bishop looked solid and seems to have a solid understanding of what our receivers are anting to do in terms of reads.

-As mentioned DJ Flick took first and second team reps from Dressler. Before you get your panties in knot, I believe this was a test to see if he could handle the pain. Imo, he did, but it is definitely still there. I for one believe he will play this week, but in a limited role ala Matty D in his first game. Actually, DJ was lining up at WR, replacing Matty on some plays. Should be interesting. I'd say DJ is at 90-95%.

-Our receivers will be Matt and Bagg on the outside with Dressler, Andy and Getzlaf in the middle. Grant came in when Cates went out.

-Bowman continues to struggle with dropped passes.

-What jersey was Palmer wearing during the beginning of practice. Red with yellow numbers and just plain ugly? Must have lost a bet.

-Cates looked tentative and should see as little action as possible if we can help it. He MUST be 100% for the playoffs.

-Why was Denatay Heard lining up as a WR during scout offence?

-Our O-line will be Belton, Parenteau, Gene, MAM and Smith.

-Rodney Leisle is a monster. He and Jimmy V are similar in size, but Leisle has more thickness if that's possible. His shoulders are about 4 feet wide!!!

-D line won't be changing this week. Chick gave Seante Williams a little bit a crap because Seante wouldn't go in to replace him during one fo the drills. Nothing major.

-Looks like Kornegay will be starting at DB again over Johnson.

-Speaking of Johnson, he continues to have problems with his wrist.

Everything is set for us to make a serious run. As long as Bishop stays consistent, talent wise we match up against every team. We will be a force!!!

Miller was saying that he had the best speed on the team. On par with Dressler. He's got a tough lineup to crack at DB, going through Morgan, Davis, Frazier, Johnson, Patrick, Kornegay. Cracking the WR spot would figure to be slightly easier on this team.