Nov 2 What do YOU expect

In a meaningless game what does the team do?
What I think:

  1. Burris will start (to keep his continuous record in tact) and play one or two series. Maybe spot duty for the rest.
  2. Originally I was thinking 50% of the remaining time for each of LeFavour and Masoli; but wouldn’t that help Ottawa too much.
  3. I think LeFavour will get the majority of the time just because there is already a book on him. Masoli may see some field time.
  4. Guys off the injury list playing but not the entire game; rest for the newly banged up.
  5. Very bland offence and defence, maybe with spot twists.

Maybe it will be a boring game, I don’t care I’m watching it

gotta admit I didn't not like the revolving door at QB last week (or even previous weeks with LeFavour) in the first have anyways. how does Burris get into any kind of rhythm if he's sitting out half the plays, we're not doing him any favours asking him to come of the bench for 2nd and 10 yards.. after 2nd quarter sure start rotating but not in the first half.

id rather Burris and starters get the lions share this week to be honest. seen it all too much where the players come off flat following some time off

That was my first reaction too. I thought, "What the heck is going on? Now the 3rd stringer is getting all these option-read plays, that Lefevour was running during the season? Why bring in the unproven 3rd stringer now, after such a big blow out in such an important follow up game?"

I also share the concern for Burris' drop off and rhythm, but it did prove to be a winning strategy. ( Of course there were some big breaks that helped too)

This was so bizarre, I can't ever recall witnessing something like this, and I have no idea what to expect in the playoff game.

As for the next Winnipeg game that means nothing to both teams, I expect Hamilton to rest players and/or "hide" strategies.


it was very bizarre. especially since the 2nd and 3rd qb's are basically identical right?. granted Masoli was running through people, which is different

3 qbs fighting for reps?!? thank heavens it worked out in the end. Austin would have "some splainin to do" lol

On November 2nd I expect a fabulous 54th birthday - thanks Wheezer for setting up an entire thread for it!

Oh wait - this isn't about me - it's about the game? :oops:

I'm not expecting much. Maybe one or two new and different formations with one of our three quarterbacks just to further muddle things for Montreal's defensive preparations. Keep them guessing I say. I expect lots of watching from the sidelines for our key players and would not at all be surprised we end the season at 9 - 9.

Anyone who is remotely hurt (oline especially) does not see the field. Hank starts plays one quarter max same for CJ Gable if he even starts. We see Chevy this week, some more Stala and probably even Campeau, no Andy. On defense let's have a look at Mr. Plesuis so J.J. plays maybe a quarter and King plays at safety for Stephen I think. If Dietrick and Delahunt are good to go they play though I would not use Delahunt to much as he will be needed to pick up the blitz again against Montreal. Congi plays for the consistency factor. Banks sits we let others run back punts/receive.

I would sit a number of players, beginning with Burris, Gable, and Fantuz.

Burris & Fantuuuuuuz see limited to no action while Masoli & LeFevour lead us to the season sweep over the Bummers this year :rockin:

probably wont remember so happy b-day in advance, hopefully they'll get a win as well

a 10-8 season would be great. I think they should start everyone except as RevClark posted "anyone who's even remotely hurt" for half the game. imo Burris needs a big #'s game before the playoffs.

I think Burris plays. He's got 208 yards to hit 5,000 and will be benched after he hits the mark.

I think you play all three QBs and give them all reps, fully expecting that you may need to do so during the playoffs. Ideally you keep Hank in long enough to get to 5,000 but don't bank on that as the fanbase still wants to see us break 500. Keep in mind Winnipeg is likely doing the same thing, so anyone who is remotely hurt or under the weather should be rested, unless they are comming right off an injury and need a game to shake off the rust (like say Ellingson)

Anyone who is nicked up should not play. Burris should not play. I don't care about any records or stats. The team only goes as far as Burris takes them. Why risk him at all in a meaningless game.

An Argo-Cat fan

What I'd like to see:
A very explosive first half of offence -- Burris throws for 208 yds. -- 53 of them to Grant and 104 to Fantuz and Gable breaks through twice for huge, almost field length, gains and racks up 218 yds. rushing. Then the big guns watch the second half as the their backups save the victory. Grant, Fantuz and Gable all get their 1000 yd. bonuses and the team and fan bonus is our best season record since 2001.

What I expect:
Even before his said these words, it's what I'd have expected from Coach A ....

“I told the players before practice, we’re preparing to win just like any other game. It doesn’t matter if we end up resting some guys, the ones that are called to play will treat it accordingly.?“We want to get through day one, day two, get two days of treatment in, and get two days of reports from our medical staff,? said Austin.

“We’re not jumping the gun on their return. In other words if they’re fully cleared to play, then it’s probably important to get them some playing time.?

“We’re going to start Hank, and Hank’s going to play as much as he needs that in our mind gets him ready to play against Montreal,? he said. “Right now our mindset is to get Henry ready for the playoffs.?

I expect the sun to rise in the east. :lol:

Really, Kent Austin is the only one to decide who to play or not play. I just hope he makes the right decisions. He has been very good so far....

I wouldnt play Burris because with out him we have nooooooooooooo chance of beating Montreal.