Anyone see the big "Hamilton Proud" flag they unveiled in the stands in the second half. It covered about 10 rows and was a 3/4 of a section long. People moved it over their heads to make it snake along the row.

Only problem?

It was reversed and read "NOTLIMAH DUORP". We were losing at this point. Sigh...

If anyone knows how I can get a pic from my phone onto this Board (and no I don't know how to post to various sites) I will post it. Or maybe if you know how to do it I can email it to you to post.

Wild... :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Maybe they were just giving the people under the sign a chance to read it in the first shot. :stuck_out_tongue:

second pic is a reverse image of the original… notice section 114 is backwards while Hamilton Proud is correct.

It was hilarious watching them roll it out…took about 2 min. just to untangle it to start moving it across section 114.

It was preseason for them as well :smiley:

!eew eew eeksO .duorp nwotemoh llits m'I :oops:


Bobo we need a homer pic…