Notifications for new posts

When a thread gets new posts, it shows up in red on the thread list. If there are two new posts, then it shows 2, etc.

Is there a way that the red notification does not show up if the new posts are by someone on the Ignore List?

I wouldn't think itcwould be too difficult.


That would be an improvement.

They use the Discord forum software here AFAIK, so you need to talk to them, not the people whom run this forum.

If you have any suggestions for tech changes to this forum,

Private Message @MattL91
I asked him to look into getting more CFL type emojis for this site like these
added to the emoji list

It used to be @sully but he has moved on


@Jon , @gridirongirl
Is there any way we can get these emojis on this site ^^^^
Or even better ones

A CFL football site with no CFL football related emojis
except this :football:


The technical whiz is @GridironGirl so I will leave it to her expertise. I know there is nothing the mods can do without the assistance of Matt who is the admin for the site. I expect that she will follow up with him to see if more and better emojis are possible. It could take some time. I will defer to her and she can correct me if I am wrong.


Thanks for your attention! :+1:

I can only guess, but
I would imagine the CFL is paying someone to be using this program,
It shouldn't be to much to ask them to make it more friendly emoji wise


no idea where those team cfl emoji are or if they’re just their twitter profile images, but i don’t get any emoji when i use team or CFL hashtags in twitter. i get NHL team and NFL logos when i do twitter hashtags but not CFL.

unfortunately i don’t believe there is a way to change this without some code being changed for the conditions of ignored user/ muted user objects in the template for thread lists. i’m currently looking to see if there is a solution for this that we can use.