noticing a trend...

or maybe not... but hear me out.

It seems that the ticats have gotten in the habit since the Danny Mac days of our QB's having a buddy on the roster, in hopes that there will be a Danny and Darren-like connection on field.

we've seen it with Maas and Vaughan
Eakin and Ralph (sorta)
Williams and Fowlkes
and finally Chang and Arcenaux

is this familiarity helping or hurting their chances? will they rely on their old go-to guy like a crutch and not be able to utilize the talent around them effectively? Or is it more likely to turn into a safetey valve when all hope seems lost from a play?


Kerrigan and Rocky/Earl (Praise Be His Name).

'nuff said

um i thought it was maas and kamu peterson last year, they were always tlking and every throw was torward him

I don't think it's bad idea.

Having familiarity is important on offense and the more you have the better you are.

A good quarterback will always utilize all his receivers but when he needs someone as a go to guy I think it is better to throw to a receiver that you have been playing with for years rather than someone new.
Both the qb and receiver knows how each think and there is less chance for miscommunication.

Don't sacrifice a better player to keep your friend but having quality players being friends is a good thing

Every QB needs a go-to guy. If he goes to him and the guy keep producing, the team is more successful. This can cause a mutual admiration society. If it happens long enough, friendships can be cemented. On the field, it means Faloney to Patterson, Zuger to Coffey, Ealey to Gabriel, Clements to Crawford, Kerrigan to DiPietro, Timm Rosenbach to the other team, McManus to Flutie, Billy Dicken to the grandma in the third row, etc. :wink:

Google "meal ticket" for more information. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,

Timm Rosenbach to the other team,

Billy Dicken to the grandma in the third row

Thanks for brightening my day!! :smiley: :smiley:

History has shown that the great offensive teams have a qb/reciever combo-- moon/kelly- hollaway /grear-- kerrigan/winfield-etc---- the reason is because D,s tend to double cover the "go to reciever, leaving the rest of the receivers in single or zone cover, Thats why i pick Williams to be the Future Ticat QB -CHEERS