Notice to CFL, please do not follow NFL's ideas

I do not ever want to see the NFL influence the CFL in any way , shape , or form.
long live the CFL

What if they have a good idea that could make the CFL better? I'm not saying we should follow the NFL's lead on everything, but it seems silly to me to go to the opposite extreme and reject something because we're scared of being influenced by the NFL. Evaluate the rule on its own merits.

Besides, I'm pretty sure the NFL has been influencing the CFL for a long time, and yet the Canadian game remains a distinct and more exciting (in my opinion) version of North American football. I really don't think we have anything to worry about if an NFL rule should happen to find its way into the CFL every now and then.

Agree wholeheardedly Picat But 3 downs must prevail and the wider field, not necessarily longer but wider, and the 12 men and the 1 yard off the line of scrimmage and 5 yard halo on punts (would love to see 10 yards but that's a different story), and mandated Canadian content. Also the one foot in bounds like NCAA.

I don’t know…Some of the recent rule changes in the nfl would make one think they are the ones being influenced. :wink:

Miscellaneous Thoughts On NFL Improvements, Some Of Which Are Inspired By The CFL

A field that is 60-yards wide; if not that change, make only one foot inbounds a catch  
(Note to all receivers -- always train to get both feet in so that you can with greater certainty get one foot in)

The change in the kickoff rules back to 1993 rules, minus wedge blocking, won't be as big a deal as some of us including me had thought

No fair catch on any free kicks (kickoff, safety, fair catch kick)

The maximum field position from a missed field goal is a team's own 40 yard line (50 yard attempt) unless returned otherwise by receiving team

A punt in flight directly out of bounds, except inside the 20, results in a 10-yard penalty and re-kick for the punt team unless the kick is accepted by the punt return team.  A second infraction whilst still in possession results in a turnover on downs at the new LOS.

Similar to the NCAA, running to leap to block a field goal attempt, for a defending player at or behind the LOS, is allowed so long as the player does not land from flight directly on any part of an opposing player; by contrast, as a deterrent to highly careless play, a kicking team player has every right to block above the waist the leaping player who has landed in his proximity within a yard.

I'll post this here because I don't want to make a whole thread on it. ( ... -november/ ) is reporting that the Eagles will play the Bills in Toronto on either November 13th or 20th. Correct me if i'm wrong but aren't those the dates of the Eastern Semi-final and Division final? The Argos certainly have aspirations of a home playoff date, so this could be an interesting development.

now this is all assuming the NFL HAS a Season in 2011-12…

and I’m pretty sure the CFL will have a say in that…

According to Mark Masters of the National Post (via twitter), it's the Redskins on the 30th of October. Argos are away at Winnipeg that weekend.

That is correct, and what is brutally silly is that the week before the Tampa Bay Bucs are being sent to London to play again as they did two years ago.
Here's the interactive schedule for those curious:

[url=] ... 3#/team=TB[/url]

If they are to have a game in London it ought to be earlier in the season if they are sending Tampa Bay there.

The weather is usually great that weekend in Chicago and in Tampa Bay, so I am not sure why when football demand is at its regular season overall peak mid-season, with the weather great about everywhere, why the NFL has that stupid game in London in late October.

For that matter the locals over there are all over the EPL (the other football) and rugby at that time of year and could give a damn about the NFL especially if neither team is one of the top teams.

To have a game in London would be best at least two weeks sooner including with one of the Florida teams, for in early October it's still hot down here during the day.

There is an out also for the London game though in that if there is no agreement by 1 August, the game won't be played there at all. :thup:

The Bucs will always be an option for the London Game for two reasons:

  1. They struggle to sell tickets and it was so bad that every home game was blacked out last year (And they were a good team with a 10-6 record). I heard somewhere that they were the only team that wasn't able to sell-out a game last year. I'm not sure if that's true or not but it's certainly possible.

  2. The Glazers, who own the Buccaneers, also own a soccer team in England (I believe it's Manchester United). So they're clearly interested in getting their American Football team exposed in over there.

I hate it as well because i'm a fan of the team and this does nothing but hurt them because of the travel time and the loss of a home game.

Of course Pi cat.
In terms of our game vs their game, I do not want to see the NFL influence "our game" ever.
But if you want to look at the other side of the coin as far s marketing and promotions, If it makes sense and money and can help make the CFL a better league then go for it.

This is an old thread on which apparently I was two-years ahead of my time and inspired early by the play in the CFL let alone the clearly developing safety issues even before Duerson, Seau, and others.

Right from the NFL site is new consideration of widening the field to the same size as in the CFL - 65 yards!

[url=] ... ying-field[/url]

No we won't lengthen the field and move the goal posts, so let's not get ahead of ourselves on that.