nothing really new, but another poll that's heavily skewered

So the Rider fans come and vote Durant at 26% as the best starting QB in the CFL..

clearly they're bias.

I chose Calvillo myself, but I'm level headed.

I really don't ever take these polls too seriously anymore because the Rider fans screw it up with their homer votes.

In other shocking news: Old Style Pilsner not only is nothing like a real Czech pilsner but it also tastes like cr@p. :stuck_out_tongue:

....what did they skewer the poll with this time...a pitch-fork orrrrrr a kebab spike..... :lol: OF COURSE Darian Durant is the best qb. in the country .....just ask him and any rider fan....I'll bet a dollar to a doughnut that Dinwiddie is ranked no 2 also....Can these guys and their thirteenth man ever be wrong??????? :lol: Got to admire their dedication though :thup:

Good god, why even bother to post this? All it does is give the Rider haters another reason to bash.. everybody should know by now that polls will be skewed in the Riders favour.. the more people complain, or in your case boast( could be both), the more the polls are going to slanted in the Riders' favour. If no one complains, the poll numbers should correct themselves because the ones that are voting in Sask's favour will get tired of doing so.. but as long as threads like this are started, it only encourages the behaviour.. and I voted for Calvillo..

Yes, it's unfair that big markets like Regina always dominate these polls and cities like Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal never get a fair shake... :roll:

Heavily skewered. cflisthebest, your unintentional comedy level is off the charts! Good on ya.

Well... not all of us.. I picked Calvillo too.

You gotta have a sense of humor about this kind of stuff by now. And I doubt it will ever go away even if the riders somehow folded theyd still win this poll. It isnt even that outrageous that Darian Durant has so many votes given that Im sure theres some people that voted for him that genuinely believe he is the best in the league even if he wasnt a rider. Really mindblowing in all of this is that Cleo Lemon has 3% of the vote without having ever thrown a pass in the regular season

Heck, forget the regular season. He barely completed a pass in preseason. :lol:

Still trying to figure out how Dalton Bell lost the race for starter.

Calvillo must have seen the poll results, looking at what happened in the first half so far.... :smiley:

I have a theory that a large portion of the people who vote for the Riders in these polls aren't even Rider fans. They're fans of other teams who like to make fun of Rider fans by complaining about how skewed these polls are.

Just a theory.

Calvillo is one of the best ever in this league. If Durant can perform like he did for the next 4 - 5 years then I would give him more kudos.

Rider fan

How's that tinfoil hat of yours treating you? :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess Durant must have taken it to heart as well, based on the full game!