Nothing Negative!

Penalties way down.
Discipline way up.
Terrific ball distribution on the offence. Nice return game.
I thought the defence was outstanding. All around solid effort.
It's such an easy game to play and like when things go right.
Lets talk about Medlock. 2..count em 2- 50 yarders. He put the foot in Football. Beauty.

The title of this thread is negative. :wink:

There was an UR and a RTP on the same drive that gave the Riders first-and-goal from the four IIRC. THE TEAM OVERCAME IT AND HELD THEM TO A FG!!! In the past, they would have caved...

Don’t forget on that same drive there was also a too many men penalty, followed by burning a timeout when they still didn’t know who should be on the field. And they still managed to hold on without a TD.

Well one negative. Brian Bulcke had his arm in a sling for most of the 4th quarter.

That did suck.

My only negative? A few unnecessary penalties that came from discipline and execution issues. But realistically? So much better than the last few games in that regard! We're heading in the right direction. One cannot help but smile if one's a Tiger-Cat fan.

And tied for first in the (butter-soft) East!

Tied for first?
We are in first place with a game in hand!
It's positively a beautiful thing. :rockin:

I didn't see Welder today, is he on vacation or is it because the Ticats played well? :wink: