Nothing like getting the job done in Winnipeg!

Great effort by the Lions. Bighill was a one man wrecking crew! I hate to tick this guy off in a dark alley. DeMarco can add another notch to his gun. I am super pumped up for the re-match with SSK October 04. :rockin:

Come on Hamilton and Montreal. Don't let us down! lol

Also congrats to the Lions for clinching a playoff berth for the 17th straight year. :rockin:

As nice as it is to see a convincing BC win the haplessness of Winnipeg was simply sad.

Hats off to the BC defense! Hollywood could not have scripted it better. The only thing I'm a little sore about is that I wasn't there to see it all go down in person!

Lulay must be finding it easier to sleep at night now knowing that he can recover and the team is in capable hands. Very impressed with this 2 game road trip. The Lions made the right plays at the right times and really stayed true to their team motto "next man up". Last week Lulay is out Demarco and the offense step up and steal a win. This week the offense struggles a little bit and the defense goes out and finds the end zone time and time again. Still below .500 on the road on the season but winning 2 in a row in cities where crowd noise is usually a huge factor is a great place to start to improve on that. It's not going to be a walk in the park until playoffs and this season BC has to look at the possibility of having to win a playoff game on the road. Even a win against a 2-11 team on their own turf is a great sign of things turning around for BC. A month ago they were almost an entirely different team outside BC Place, now they're finding consistency and the players you'd expect to be making the big plays are making them. Very well rounded team win in the Peg. Proud to be a fan of this team.

Also congrats to the Lions for clinching a playoff berth for the 17th straight year

Not to be negative but making the playoffs in the cfl is nothing to brag about when 6 of the eight teams make it.

but I see were you are coming from.

lets see the lions make the playoffs 17 straight years when there are 10 teams in the league, were 4 out of 10 do not make the playoffs.

Nothing warms this old football fan more than seeing our guys beat the daylights out of a brutal Bomber squad, who looked like they aught to have the dispersal draft next year, not the RedBlacks.

It was one of those miracle games, where almost nothing went wrong for BC and almost everything went right. I mean, when was the last time any of us saw a defense score three majors in one game, if ever? Adam Bighill and Solomon Elimimian seemed to be making plays everywhere. Another strong game by the secondary and a few hard-earned sacks up front. On offense we kept the ball away from the opposition, giving them just 21 minutes and change to try to beat us. Demarco and the offense made enough plays to turn it into a blow out by the middle of the third quarter.. I only wish they'd saved twenty of those 53 points for next game, at home against the Riders. My only worry is the hard hits Arcenaeux took. As far as I know everyone made it out of Winnipeg uninjured.

I think its becoming evident that the Green Riders are really struggling to get consistent production offensively without Corey Sheets. During September they've lost four in a row, mostly because they're pretty one-dimensional without a ground game and they haven't been successful when Durant has to try to win it by himself. Here's a few key stats from Sundays' 17-12 loss to the Alouettes: Passing: Durant was 24 of 46 of 339 yards, 1 TD, 3 interceptions. Other than the yardage, no where good enough.
Rushing: Without a dominating back, Saskatchewan rushed only 9 times for a mere 15 yards. I dare say any CFL team that is so singularly reliant on the pass will also struggle at getting wins.

So that provides us some clues as to which areas Rich Stubler will try to exploit on October 4th. If Bighill, Marsh and the rest of the BC Defence can shut down their run and avoid blown coverages in the secondary, they should have a good night in front of their home crowd. I'm really hoping we can get up to 40,000 for what is arguably the biggest home game of the season thus far.

This next game has huge playoff implications. If BC can beat Saskatchewan, they'll win the season series with the Riders and be two game ahead with four to go. And they'll either tie or stay within two points of the Stamps. Lose it and they'll be tied and their third meeting in October will probably decide who gets the home playoff game. Not playing in late October, in a -5 C gale aught to be sufficient motivation for the Lions to play their best. And I wonder whether Lulay might be ready to go.

See you there!

Dooger in Surrey :cowboy: