nothing for ranek

were we unable to trade ranek for anything rather than just release him ????

i guess with the state of running backs in this league right now, ranek really isnt worth that much ???

i'm sitting here thinking of who could really use him, but cant think of any team that is in dire need of a rb....

toronto .... williams (for now), avery and johnson
montreal .... edwards
winnipeg .... roberts

calgary .... reynolds
bc .... smith
edmonton .... davis
saskatchewan .... keith, bracey and dorsey

600 combined yards and now he's gone !
i guess our "huge off season aquisition" was essentially worthless !

should be interesting to see who picks him up and for how much !

what/who did TiCats get for Yeast,Eakin,Beutjure,Brazel,Bradey,Hack, ?

Why would anyone want Jon Butcher?

didnt expect anything for yeast, beutjer, brady or hack.

we got kamau "cant catch a cold" peterson for brazzell I think

still cant figure out why we let eakin go either

I think they let him go so he can get some pt and experience in Europe. Marcel still says Eakin will compete for the starting job next year.

Ranek has an injury to his knee...Nobody will "pick him up"!

He may be invited to a couple of training camps and will be subject to some "real intense physicals" before being offered a contract!

We didn't get anything for him cos it was an option and we would have had to pick up the option in order to trade him. Now tell me who needs him and what we could have gotten for him when the league knows we have a log jam at RB.

woody and scotty_dogg are correct.

ther ticats would have to pick up part of raneks salary if they traded him

What would you expect for these guys.
Yeast is an uncoachable troublemaker and sore head.
Eakin IS NOT GONE, and will almost certainly attend training camp.
Beutjure wasn't used enough to be trade bait for another team.
Brazzell stuck the place out while in Hamilton. (He probably resented being here)
Bradey didn't see enough action with Hamilton to warrant a trade.
Dave Hack is retired.