Nothing BLOWS GREENER than Regina!!!!

Nothing BLOWS GREENER THAN Regina, the biggest we got this game won to ah we just blew it in the history of the CFL and the green team deserves every thing they got on this one.

Congrats finally to Anthony Calvillo for his second Grey Cup victory as an Allouette and ex-Ticat now in the History books in the CFL, now that was a come back victory!!!!

Chris Schultz of TSN saying it's all but over for Montreal, once again it takes another ex-Argo now color guy to call that, get rid of him Schultz stinks. It's time for some ex-Ti-cats besides Duane Forde to be with TSN.

Once again another BAD officiating game by the refs, that pass and catch called a NO catch with a few seconds left by Montreal on the clock only proves once again CFL refs STINK as Bad as Riders do now!!!!

Aren't you the guy who said this would be a boring game?

I'm surprised you even watched it to the end.

I think it was an ID 10 T error

The "13th man" was definitely a factor in this game!


I agree about the refs. Its time to put Jake Ireland and a couple others out to pasture. He is the most biased ref towards western teams I have ever seen. Maybe in the history of the game.
I will celebrate the day when Jake is finished. Hopefully this winter.

I thought the officlas were quite good, and, with the help of replay, all the correct calls were made.

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The worst non call was the Calvillo tipped ball that baggs was sure to intercept. That would have prevented Montreal from going down the field and scoring a touchdown. The offensive player is allowed to fo for the tipped ball, but isn't allowed to touch or impede the deffensive player from going to the ball. He did just that. If called it would have been a 15 yard penalty and I believe the riders ball. I saw it happen just once about 10 years ago. The riders were playing a team I cannot rember who and they tried to impede a rider from recovering the fumble. There was a penalty and ruled a rider posession. The riders would have had an opportunely to kick a feild goal at that point and further their lead on the Al's. However it's all in the past.
I believe the rider had his shoulders squared to the ball for the two point convert. It was only after the colision by Richardson that the DB put his hand back onto Richarson to prevent from falling down.
Many missed calls in this game however. Holding on the line, no yards,etc. On the play that was intended to Fantuz and intercepted a middle linebacker runs directly into a rider reciver knocking him to the ground. If that was called the interception would have been nulified and the riders would have maintaed posession with a first down.
Not sidding with any team, but the refering has to get better. The riders lost because of their own shall we say stupidity. It is up to the special teams coach to make sure that the right number of players were on the field for the missed field goal. He didn't. Then it was up to Armstrong to, being the return man to count the number of players and again he obeviously didn't. They had no time outs left at that point and unless he could off faked an injury by passing out they still would have been called for delay of game penalty. It was a no win situation at that point. Better luck next time riders and Congradulationd to the Al's for their grey cup victory.

The real story is the incredible comeback by Montreal, in the second half. Absolutely amazing. They deserved the win!

I agree!

The sour grapes by the Riders fans is absolutely incredible."Montreal didn't win, Riders lost"? "The Riders handed the game to them"? Come on people! The Al's battled back and took the game. If they didn't get their act together in the second half, the Al's would have never been in a position to win on a last play FG.

I am not an Al's fan by any means, I just apprentice a good game and that's what it was


Aren't you the guy who said this would be a boring game?


I'm surprised you even watched it to the end.

Truthfully I watched after the half time show bored me to tears, what an awful half time, Blue Rodeo? Last time the Grey Cup was in Calgary they had Shania Twain now Blue Rodeo????

Anyway, I hate all the crap about Saskatchewan, we are the Best in the CFL, we have the best fans, it's like nothing stinks in Regina but the Riders themselves. Remember this team has won three Grey Cups in 100 years so what, who cares, go cry on someone Else's shoulders. Remember when the Riders beat Winnipeg in the 2007 Grey Cup in Toronto, Winnipeg had a second string QB and the Riders had a team who cheated their way to the Grey Cup by having the broken the Salary Cap in the CFL for the Highest paid team that year, so all you fans who support the Green enjoy supporting a CHEATING TEAM, good going, I'm glad you enjoy losing with the Green you deserve it!! Me I'm 100% pure a true TI-CAT Fan I could give a rats ass about any other team other than the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, I bleed Black and Gold and always will but I wonder about certain fans on this site, too much Green going on.


OHH yeah! I forgot all about that being over the cap thing! I guess that is cheating! It was a slap on the wrist as a punishment for them!