Notes From an Als Fan

The Ti Cats have a loyal fan base and, its time they were rewarded with a better team. I thought Richie Williams played a good game. He was effective on the run and in the passing game. Tonight they put some points on the scoresheet. You have a good one in the 6'5 Rodriguez and, you might think of using more of your receiving staff. Bauman looked good in the little time he played. You have a guy on your team who can go long but is only used when the game is out of reach- Pat Woodcock. For the past three games PW has connected with the long pass. PW is experienced, has good speed, can catch and when he is on the field has shown he can be an effective receiver. Your team in underusing a player who can get free and has a history of producing. Rodriguez, Bauman and Woodcock together cound produce more than the other recevers on your team.

Oh chomp on a goat (with a due respect) If you like Woodcock so much take him back.

Agreed with Rodriguez, Bauman and Woodcock.

I disagree with loyal fan base. We have 14,00 - 15,000 loyal fans.

And none of these guys are used properly, Charlie is afraid to put Bauman or Rod inside and use them because he thinks you have to be a rocket scientist to understand his super complex offence.

didn't someone start a Patronizing thread

uh huh

Bellefeuille is incapable of adjusting his game to what the opposing team's D.C. is doing. So when blitz, your QB is still going back into a seven-step drop instead of getting that ball outta there.

I'll go out on a limb and say Bellefeuille doesn't last past Labour Day.