Note to TSN

Please stick to reporting what's happening in the Game rather than stroke egos (ie, some on-air people seem to like to hear their own voice).

No matter what on-air team is covering a game, it gets frustrating to hear them yammer on while we miss what's happening on the field of play.

Most obvious examples are penalties called on the field and the fans left without a clue as to what's just occurred because the announcers are off in never-never land.

A couple of times the Cats were penalized and I still don't know for what and why. The worst was after a Setta kick off. A flag is thrown near the point of tackle, the ref seems to indicate a push or illegal use of hands, it seemed Barker was the culprit and the Cats had to re-kick. What the %^$@#!.

If the team was offside on the kick, what was the flag down field for???

Why were the Cats nailed for a delay of game? Not explained.

I seem to recall another penalty that went unexplained (and not just this game but it has also occurred in games past).

It would be nice if they also explained non-commercial time outs. It's often for an injury and perhaps they don't want to dwell on showing an injured player but many times the delay goes unexplained and everyone is just "hanging around" waiting for play to resume.

(side note re officiating... don't know the name of the head official last night but he is from the Hamilton area (he and family used to sit near us in Box C) and it sometimes seems he goes out of his way to prove he isn't favouring Hamilton by some of his calls and non-calls. There were many Rider holds last night not called. One obvious one was on Cats left D-end by the Riders right tackle, not called by head ref (nearest the play) but fortunately the back judge called the Riders left tackle for holding on the same play... poetic justice in action.)

I can't argue with some of your points there. On one play I was left wondering what the hell was going on. I think Setta was lining up to kick off and they whistled the play to stop. There seemed to be no penalty on the play, just a lot of loitering until they decided to whistle the play back in. I'm left at home wondering what happened? The announcers were busy blathering on about Lord knows what but they didn't inform the viewers about what was happening on the field. Was it a penalty? Was there a late change? An injury???

Couldn't agree with you more longtimer! The constant prattling of the colour man, who seems completely oblivious to the game being telecast, is a major weakness of the TSN coverage. These guys must have colossal egos to believe that we give a hoot about their cherished reminiscences of their glory years. It's really pretty simple: talk about the game, pay attention to the game, and shut the heck up when the official is making a call. If I have any questions about the colour man's past glory, I'll e-mail them to TSN.

I absolutely, positively agree 100% :smiley:

I love how they tell little side stories and bring up stats that have NOTHING to do with the game at hand
and chit chat amongst each other without telling us what is going on. I had no idea McIntyre got hurt and that Otis was playing DE. I did wonder why we had Auggie and Otis in there at the same time, but was so tired by that point that I didn't really take notice of where Otis was lining up.

These guys are the worst. I thought CBC coverage was bad, but TSN is MUCH worse.

Now, now....don't make us bring back Chris Walby. There are a couple of TSN announcers who are bad, but the rest of the crew is quite good. I even thought that Dunnigan did a good job the last time he was in the booth doing colour.

8) I believe the Head referee last night was Kim Murphy.
  He made some horrendous calls against the Cats in an earlier game this season in Hamilton  !!!

Here is an idea.. why not post a "Note to TSN" on the TSN site where TSN people will actually see it.

re Post a note to TSN...

Gee... I never would have thought of that (cough) :?

The reason I posted here first was to gauge whether others felt like I do or if I was the only one who actually would like to know what's happening DURING THE GAME.

Even if it's a small sampling of some viewer's opinion, it may be worth passing on to TSN if enough feel it's an issue.

Rod Black's announcing abilities can turn a CFL game into something rather generic feeling. Can't quite put my finger on how he does this. One thing that annoys me about him is that against Sask he really knew the history of receiver Rob Bagg and talked more than once about the details of his signing as an undrafted player. Sure it's a worthy point to make and talk about, but I wish Black could provide more insight on other players during a game. I just get the feeling that he really doesn't know much about many of the players and that's why he goes on about the few he talks about.

I completely agree with pretty much everything that was said. TSN has been disappointing this year. The reffing has been my biggest comlaint of the season though. I have yet to see consistant reffing this season. Luckily, for my teams sake, the poor reffing went my teams way this game. :twisted:

Just be thankful that TSN puts EVERY SINGLE GAME in the CFL schedule on TV.

Without them, we'd be back in the stone ages, of 1 maybe 2 per week and 4 or 5 Cat games per season. I'll take the periodic yammering any day.

The 'Cats penalty on the kickoff was "interference" against Hamilton, resulting in the re-kick. It was an odd call....I took it to mean something akin to holding.

The delay call was because Hamilton had 13 players on the field. The guy that went down spent about 5 seconds trying to find a way off the field, but was too late and they would have been called for either 13 men in the huddle or illegal substitution. Instead, he developed a sudden injury, and took a knee, prompting the flag.

I agree that yapping is a major problem.....I send them an email a few years back and it seemed to improve for a while

Come on people....TSN is showing every single game this season. How bad can it really be? :roll:

It can be pretty darn bad if you have to listen to two crocks ignore the game and talk about themselves.Regarding how grateful we poor slaves should be for the privilege of having TSN condescend to bestow the coverage upon our undeserving eyes and ears, I say, "Bunk!" We watch the darn commercials, buy the products, and they make money. We are the customers; that means we are always right.

Then if you are from the Hamilton area just mute the television and turn your radio to AM 900. Problem solved.

Besides, Black is good and is one of the most under-rated commentators in Canada

I turn the sound down on the tv and put my computer to 900 chml and listen to rick zamperin,he does a great job :thup:

I like T.S.N and the mention of Chris Walby's name makes me appreciate the T.S.N announcers even more.

Is he that great big tall fat guy?

Walby is better than Black. My 8 year old is better than Black and she only recently learned when to boo and when to cheer. :smiley: JJSA, you've seriously lost credibility by saying that Black is the most under-rated commentators. Perhaps for figure skating or poker he might be, but not for football.