Note to Obie: Don't sign any linemen..

With the CFL considering a roid testing program in place for next year it would be wise not to pursue players like Canada etc as we MIGHT see their numbers magically drop in half next season lol. Just a thought.

Yes it is strange how the younger generation is so much heavier now.
I was looking at rosters back in the 60's a while back. OG's were in the 6'01 230 to 6'02 240 range. Centers about the same. OT's 6'02 to 6'04 and about 250. Tackles like Bill Frank and Dan Yoacham at 6'05 and 260 were considered huge.
DT's like Jim Stillwagon 6'0 230 and Granny Liggins 5'11 230 were the norm. Angelo Mosca was a monster at 6'04 270.
Must be all the B-12 they take now.

There will be no drug testing in the CFL for years. Too expensive for the league at this point in time.

I presume that the word "roid" is an acronym.

I have my own idea of what a "roid" is, but

do me and others on the site a favour and tell

us about yours. :lol:

I have met Henry Wazchuk a many time All Star center in the 70's for Hamilton, and he does not look even 200 lbs.

So you're assuming that Tom Canada does roids just because he is a big guy??

Canada is a very natural almost hippy-like person and I highly doubt he does roids. He is only about 250lbs and thats not hard to be at his height.

Ya you're right I shouldn't have singled out Canada, I just did it because he is the biggest name out of all the free agents.

I am not saying that he does roids either, but he looks to me like what I picture as a guy on roids.
Undersized guy bulked up and busting at the seams, always chippy.
Would I love him if he was a Tigercat....yup
Would I be suprised if he was named as a user....nope
and as an earlier poster mentioned, CFL is far away from testing. The NFL does not even really do any.

If there are some guys at the local gym doing roids, do you think NFL players might?

Canada is pretty much the same size as McKay-Loescher. Both are listed as 6'2 260lbs. Neither have bulging biceps. Big arms yes but not those vein bursting ones that most roid users have.

ie..the biceps Armour has..

You mentioned Armours' biceps. Are you suggesting that Armour is on roids?
Would that make him an Armouroid, or an Android?
Does it make any difference???
The Eagle - :lol: :lol: :lol:

I was surfing around looking for some pictures of Tom Canada, and I take back my earlier comment. He does not really look like he is on steroids. What was sticking in my mind was the tight wrap he wears around his lower bicep giving his arms that pumped look.

I also stumbled on to a post Grey Cup blog that Canada wrote.

"I’m grateful for my time in Winnipeg playing for the Bombers. I don’t know what the future will hold for me in the coming months and into next year. I do know that I loved being a Bomber and a part of what I consider to be the best community in Canada."

Using past tense when describing his time as a Bomber. Does that mean he is on his way out of Winnipeg.......

What a crazy argument! Better check my son's room, He's bigger then me...Must be steroids.

Wow you made that comment by the size of his arms! in a football jersey no less.

It was short sleeved :slight_smile:

Indeed. Waszczuk was about 250 pounds in his prime. Solid as a rock.

Oski Wee Wee,