Note to king khan bundy

How it must feel to be a Bomber tonight.

Romby Bryant really looks superb, a true baller.

Aside from that, what's more important is that Kevin Glenn got to see us win again. I think this pulls up aces for us as opposed to the 'winning changes everything' philosophy Doug Brown alludes fans with.

The fans deserved this tonight (since Novemeber).

It's hard to imagine, but Berry made the right call with Glenn. Kevin looked at peace tonight, for the first time in a very long time. It's good Glenn still in a Bomber uniform, gets to watch Dinwiddie score.

^All this makes way more sense then everything else to this point.

I used to have friends that now only care about is how much the other guy makes. Why, you ask is this relelvant? (Beacuase. . .) When players stop playing for each other, they gamble selfishly on the field each forgetting about their teammates. (This is what I KNOW happened with Kevin Glenn at 300k) while not losing as a team. As teammates you get paid to unconditionally achieve results even without a victory. Those are the true leaders as in what Jesus taught.

When Dinwiddie was clebrating and his OL where surrounding him in the 4th qrt., the OL had to take a step back. This was after all dinwiddies moment. The hogs still need a leader though, even if dinwiddie totally ignored them, because he thought they were sharing his joy. They weren't. You may also notice this team needs to pull itself together.

Remember what you saw tonight Kevin. That's the feeling of a winner. The moral of the story is evident of that, dinwiddie's dream came true. (Not so much someone else's.)

i like the fact they announced kahn as the last guy on the starting O and he got a standing ovation for it. just from that point on the crowd was sparked and the team seemed ready to go. dinwiddie played great made fantastic reads, and the recievers did a fine job.

Kahn deserves the accolade. Crest_white_strips showed us what he had in college. The question now is resolve on the field, unlike last night.

dinwiddie proved me wrong, with the reads he made he didn't force the ball.

Full marks.

Yup, that standing o for Kahn was special.

All night he was up and down the sideline cranking up the west side, and they responded in kind.

Thanks for sharing that, you have no idea how that dumbfounds me in my ability to express. . . just what happiness is. Khan deserves it.