Note to 'eskswingreycup05'

Please discontinue making dumb@$$ posts such as "i hate bc", "edmonton is the best team ever and i hate calgary and bc" or "which team is the most hated, i know its not edmonton".

You're kinda making the rest of us seem like tools.

Thanks :smiley:


Good Post!
Do not have to worry!
WE do not judge all eskie fans on this poster! It is sad when you get some one doing this I am sure every team has one! Now if you can just hit a button and they

Don't sweat it guys. I Know 95% of you posters have class. These pre-school kids get silly when they don't get their diapers changed within the hour.

Sometimes I long for the days before the internet, when village idiots stayed in their own village.

Speaking of which, I saw a T shirt the other day which totally applies to this guy. it said

"The village called they want there Idiot back" :lol: