Note for GC Trash Talkers

It's Wednesday, and I haven't yet seen a whole lot of trash talking on this board for the upcoming Grey Cup. Having been on this board for a while, though, I can be pretty sure it's coming.

So, when it does, I would like all of the trash talkers and chest-thumpers (on both sides) to think about this little image before hitting SEND.

Just my thoughts.... :smiley:

any Grey Cup Trash Talkers come here, I'll run them out of town with a few Crutches attached to them!


Note to Al's trash talker - don't bring up the 13 player penalty, the Rider fans seem a bit sensitive about that

Who's Al, and what did he do to deserve his own trash talker?

ok this is odd, you wrote this after v4955, yet you're up at the front? :lol:

Perhaps it is one of those optical illusions similar to the chain-gang at the western final. When the chain-gang was on the sidelines it looked like 3rd and inches but when they came to the ball it was a full yard. Even the ref was confused but it is all an illusion ... :?

kind of like the 5 minute review on the fumble... i never saw it but if it takes that long to figure out, your searching for something lol there needs to be a time limit. not saying that they purposefully overturned it, but make a call, look at it for a couple minutes and get the game going again. just my opinion for something to look at over the off season lol

seeing as how the forum is being a little bit strange this was in regard to the last comment about the chain gang lol :thup:

From what I've seen so far.....the ones who always bring up the 13th man are mostly Riders fans not Als fans....

Not our fault you keeping reminding yourself about it....

Well if its Grey Cup trash talking you want, here you go:

We have lots of Hor's d orves at our Grey Cup party. I usually have to put out an extra trash can after the party. The Blue box has lots to recyle as well.

Lots of trash after the party. :lol: :lol: :lol:

That review took so long because they were making sure of two things: 1) if it was a fumble and 2) where exactly the spot of the ball was.

I could hear and see Andre Proulx asking mulitple questions about the spot of the ball in the last portion of the review.

In the playoffs taking the time to ensure a correct decision is more important then a time limit. In the regular season perhaps it makes more sense?