Notable Uniform Changes 1970 - 2009

1970's - The uniforms stayed basically the same until the early 80's: Plain yellow pants, black jerseys(home) and white jerseys (away). Jerseys had at least three arm stripes, with black numbers on the upper arm.
1983 - Black stripe added to pants.
1985 - Logo on the upper arm - numbers on top of the shoulder.
1986 - Black helmets introduced.
1997 - Half way through the season (Labour Day game) - the new Starter jerseys were introduced. All black or white, with the Tiger-Cat head logo on top of the shoulder, small Tiger stripes around the upper arm below the numbers.
2001 - Game 4 - Black pants with the yellow wedge.(horrid)
2004 - Yellow pants with black and white stripes. (beautiful). They wore them every game that season.
2005 - Present day Reebok jerseys introduced along with white pants (uggh!!)
2006 - Aug.12 - game 9 - Gold jerseys debut (one game only). Labour day - white helmet with new logo (one game only).
2007 - Yellow pants introduced - using various combinations of jerseys and pants.
2009 - July 18 - Retro jersey and pants.

I was a big fan of the 04 black and white pant stripe. They still have those pants because I remember seeing them in photos from this years black and gold game. One side wore the black/white stripe pants and the other wore the bad black with gold wedge.

They are obviously high quality at least if they still have both.

They've been using them for every training camp since the 2004 season ended.

In normal camp the last couple years they have been wearing those baggy gold athletic shorts.

One or two years in the mid 80s did they not have small set of player numbers 3/4 the way up both sides of the pants?

Yes. Possibly 1984 was one of those years if my recollection of photos in "Rufus Baby" is correct.

Oski Wee Wee,

I also remember numbers on the pants around 90-91. It was on both sides and at the hip area and on the black stripe.

From 1985 to 1992 they had yellow numbers on the black stripe of the pants.

Check out this video and at the 24 second mark and at the 33 second mark you'll notice Garney Henley with the yellow helmet and the TC logo and a black stripe on the yellow pants.

I didn't think they had the black stripe on the pants until much later

And yeah, I know this is pre 1970.