“Notable Quotables”

What’s your favourite CFL quote? Could be from a player, coach, fan, cousin, you,
Announcer, whatever gem from the past that stuck with you. Football is preferred, but these things always evolve. Go nuts.


“I should have thought this through. I can’t think of a bloody thing.”
Paul Ste. Marie right after creating this topic.


"If he wants to make more money tell him to go work for a bank"
.......Wally Buono on Andrew Harris leaving BC to go to FA


Matt Dunigan covering the game in Hamilton with Gord Miller on what it's like to run for short yardage 3rd and 1 or less, paraphrased, circa perhaps 2012.

Dunigan: "Yeah, when you're in there you're all mopped up."

Miller: "So what are you saying it's like in there?"

Dunigan: "You get down in there and it's all pizza and pasta and garlic with the guys there. You're all mopped up. You don't want to be in there!"

Miller: "I'm not sure I want to be in here."


NFL (sorry) quote

"If I am judged by the result as a chef I want to choose the food"
.....Bill Parcells demanding to be in charge of personnel


These are all AWESOME! I hope this thread keeps going.

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"I'm not interested in kicking field goals." - Cal Murphy (Winnipeg Blue Bombers).


well that's because he had good kickers. He'd be very interested in FGs today.

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Don Getty on Jackie Parker
'' The game was just an interruption of the party for Jackie"

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"I love watching the Saskatchewan Roughriders. They're like the the Black Knight in Monty Python. He's got an arm cut off, a leg cut off and he says "Come on, it's just a scratch! That's the Saskatchewan Roughriders!"

-Dunigan 2008 or 09 commenting on the Riders hot start despite having 6 players on the IL with broken fibulas including 3 starting receivers.

BC LB Carl Kidd was always quotable. He also kinda spoke his own language much like Esa Tikkanen did.

"If they think that's gay, then they do gay."

-Kidd commenting on Jermaine Copeland's remarks that Geroy's superman celebration pose was "gay".

"Otis is suck."

-Kidd remarking on his teammate Otis Floyd's bowling skills (or lack thereof).

"If we don't get number 14 back, we're gonna have to punt on first down."

-Ti-Cat coach Lancaster when asked how his offense would deal with the possibility that QB McManus might not return from injury as hoped.


Wicked good.

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Priorities change eh?

Here's a quote from 'G.E. Alexander' (of Regina during the CFL's 1990's US expansion years):

“O Canada’ is NOT sung to the tune of ‘O Christmas Tree. . . ."

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Oh man... I remember that.


Found one...”Man, the most Canadian thing is this poutine stuff. “
Emanuel Arceneaux.


I'm sure we all wanted to say both of these quotes to a few people on this site.

Movie: Heaven Can Wait

Mr. Jordan: The likelihood of one individual being right increases in direct proportion to the intensity with which others are trying to prove him wrong.

Give me like 10 minutes to figure out what Mr. Jordan is saying, and then I can explain it to you. I think I'll be right, but I could be wrong.


This reminds me of one of the country songs I wrote during the Great Recession of 2009 after I also broke up with my girlfriend, and I don't even like country music:

"Well It Don't Make Me Right, But It Don't Make Me Wrong"

/Hands over microphone to next guy

Ron Lancaster "it got so bad we considered punting on 1st down"


All I can think of is Cal Murphy callling Tillman a red headed pissant.


It’s a good one. Never heard that before, but I can picture it.

Leo Cahill..."Only an act of God can stop us now" said right before his team got eliminated by Ottawa in the play-offs after having a big lead .

Leo Cahill..."He throws nickels around like manhole covers" Talking about how cheap GM Ralph Sazio was .

Leo Cahill..."At night they sit on the hill and look over the lake and wonder what's going on in the big city ". Talking about the size difference between Hamilton and Toronto .

Leo Cahill..."When Leon slipped I fell" Talking about the fumble late in the '71' Grey Cup that likely cost Toronto the game .

Leo Cahill..."I was so broke I couldn't afford to weigh myself" Talking about his early days as an assistant coach bouncing around before he got the HC job with the Argos .