Notable CFL cuts: 2021 edition

Today (so far):

MTL releases WR Naaman Roosevelt
BC releases QB Will Arndt

Last week (ICYMI):

EDM releases WR Kenny Stafford

I think there will be many more. There will be some (especially older) veterans who showed up to camp out of shape. I would be surprised if any "name" cuts gets picked up unless a team has a desperate need.

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Elks release Kevin Brown - Edmonton Elks kinda notable

Add in a notable signing

Calgary Stampeders sign 13-year Edmonton veteran Calvin McCarty | 3DownNation

This ones got to hurt if your an Elks fan

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So he retired and then came out of retirement to sign with the Stumps? I'm guessing Edmonton did not offer him a new contract, and he was a free agent when he retired, otherwise he could not have signed with Calgary until the Evil Empire released him.

You are correct he was not under contract when he retired.


So similar situation to Ricky Collins signing with The argos was released by Edmonton so was a free agent when retired .

BC has cut stand out DE Chris Casher who they signed away from Calgary in Free Agency .

more here from 3DN...

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Riders have to be interested in this.

The way your guys are dropping like flies it wouldn't surprise me one bit if Casher finds his way to the prairies and Mosaic Field . My prediction is that if he doesn't get signed by the Riders then he'll probably wind up either back in Calgary or maybe in Ottawa .

Why not the cats if he's an upgrade to Howsare

Howsare can play special teams also , pretty sure casher doesn't

He can still be on the roster as a special teamer

Howsare has more experience

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Nothing against howsare. He's been ok but just ok. If you can upgrade you should always do a wise football coach said be tter is better

6 sacks and 22 Defensive tackles and 4 Special Teams Tackles is more then ok. howsare only had one less sack then Casher . Yes Casher had more DT tackles but that is cause Stamps didn't have depth at DE in 2019 , where as Ticats had players to back up Howsare and Davis

Not saying its automatic. Just saying why not take a look .they can have both.i think 6 sacks from a de is just ok playing opposite davis

Casher was ok but to me he didn’t seem to stand out much more than Howsare. If the team feels he’s an upgrade to who they have then they will make a move to pick him up. They may just like guys like Mauldin and some of the young guys they brought in better.

They seem to be quite high on 1rst rd 8th overall 2020 draft pick Mason Bennett who has a lot of upside in his favor . He is a solid 6'4" 262 lb beast , with that size he could easily play inside as well as outside on the D-Line . He is also only 23 years of age and could be a potential starter for years to come in the not to distant future .


Mason Bennett looks better then Mauldin to me . I personally feel Ticats could use someone who plays SLB more then another DE right now .

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