Not Worried

I'm not worried about this team at all, remember the season opener last year? I thought the defensive front seven showed it's potential last night with some big hits on Buck Pierce, they just let a few plays get away from them. The secondary will be alright, they just need time to mesh. As for the QB play and running game, how can you expect either to be successful with the performance the offensive line gave last night. The offensive line is the one area of the team that worries me a bit, but I have confidence that the coaching staff will figure it out. I will be in the stands next week screaming my head off, I hope to see the rest of you there, and I predict we'll win a close one next week.

The only thing to be worried about is our glaring hole at right tackle, that can destroy a season in a hurry.

That can easily be filled with Brian Ramsay.While not the best RT in the CFL, he's certainly a whole lot better than Rottier at this point.

I really hope it is that easy, I don't know anything about him but if he's not starting quality he's going to get burned just as bad.

or bring in an import. we have the ratio room to play one. maybe a good one was cut from another team, just like the riders cut thigpen.

Im not saying its not that easy, but if it is why didn't the coaches do it last night?

The cool thing is you get to find out how much better he is in only 2 weeks...

Rottier needed help last night but he didn't get much. A tight end on his side or a back or slotback chipping the defensive end would have helped to slow down the pass rush. A semblance of a running game would also have helped. The team didn't play well last night but they were not out of the game until well into the 4th quarter.
Good teams learn from poor performances and I think this is a good team. :slight_smile:

Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

Not that easy, history has shown that we’ll be bringing in a new guy every week, it’s really hard to find a tackle who can hold his own that’s why i never understood why Goodspeed was so disrespected.

didn't say it would be easy. but i would trust obie to find the right guy more than i would in previous regimes.

Hopefully that's exactly what Obie is doing today.

I am worried. It wasn't just RT that didn't produce last night.

8) A $90,000 bonus owed to Mr. Goodspeed can have that affect on our GM !!!
  As the saying goes,  you get what you pay for !!  (or better is better )   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

I agree, the only problem is it's not february right now.

This may be our best game plan at this point and may be the only way to keep our qb’s in one piece for the next 9 weeks, unfortunately it won’t make for a high scoring offence.

no, but a whole bunch of players were released last week.
they're there... the question is whether any of them are good enough.

too much talk about grey cup etc b4 the season started,,,well the season has started and i think this was the wakeup call they need. im concerned about our tackling or lack of it,,,sandy beveridge?,,we need a more aggressive safety who can hit(barker),,,goes without saying we was out of postion especially the deep routes which is toallty wrong,,,,we need to utilize our short game,,,hot routes and screen pass,,,,cant have 2nd and long all day or you are screwed. y
i think we will be ok,, we got a week to fix things and i got confidence it will be,

Ramsay is a very decent player and I was rather shocked when he got traded. I figured he was a lock on the blew team. Whatever the reason is who cares. It didn't work out in TO so I welcome him to the Hammer.

You can be sure the only reason he wasn't starting is because he didn't know the playbook at all yet.

I still think we got screwed on the Rodriguez trade.

I am not worried ether…
But I was very concerned about the lack of in-game adjustments…during the game…from both the
Offence…and the Defence…( what happened ) or better yet…what did not happen.
The players…for the most part, looked pretty badly out-matched…and out-played by the Bombers.
I hope our guys…got a big wake-up call…from this game.


Well said...