"Not to belabour the point..."

Why doesn't Glen Suitor shut his pie hole?

He's complaining that Edmonton got a no-yards 15 yard penalty because the Edmonton player was only "5 inches" within the 5 yard zone?!

Am I wrong about the conditions for the penalty? I thought it was for being within 5 yards. I guess it can sometimes be 4 yards and 6 inches, according to Glen Suitor.

You know, it's times like these when I'm reminded that Suitor is probably responsible for all the sheep out there that parrot his drivel about the state of reffing in this league. He's a pathetic colour commentator. Sorry, but we all know it.

close only counts in horse shoes and grenades - everything else is on or off ... within 15 is a penalty no matter if it was 1 inch or 1 foot off. Alot of folks hate this penalty much like the old "in the crease" call in the NHL that negated too many goals.

I would take Suitor over Walby anyday.. Suitor is head and shoulders above marble mouth, but I will concede he does get annoying at times. Walby was the worst analyst.. I would like to see either Dunigan or Stegall doing colour at games.. at least they would be entertaining...

change the rule to within 3 yds!

lol Walby, I don't miss him at all.

Suitor misses the obvious and rambles on after the play . He will talk through a penalty call , not even realizing there was a flag on the play. Then when he turns his attention back to the game, he can't figure out what's going on. He does this all the time.
Walby new the game, he played the game for a long time and brought the some passion to the booth.

My biggest complaint with Suitor is he constantly repeats himself. How many times did he mention the Nik Lewis catch/non catch??

He mentioned contested pass this yr and i thought, "oh no, here we go again".

He needs to realize he's not paid per word.

I think Dunigan should take his place.

or how many times did he describe the way the riders use dressler in the game vs edmonton everytime dressler lined up i thought oh god suitor okay we know what his role is

Hey, you guys are a tough crowd to please. I like Suitor. He's articulate and interesting. Nobody's perfect of course, but so what. Suitor and Chris Cuthbert are polished pros, and I really don't see another tandem out there like that when it comes to broadcasting CFL. Can't agree with any of the above comment, except for the Walby parts.