Not this again

It appears that we are still calling for 2-4 yard passes on 2nd and 10. Didn't we set a record for doing that last season? If not then there must be nobody keeping track of that stat.
Granted the defence expects a 10+ yarder on 2nd and long and likely also brings the rush reducing Lulay's time. However how can a team ever sustain a drive needing receivers to get 7 YAC's on every 2nd down? (and don't tell me Jarious throwing 50 yarders every 2nd and long brings up the average)
I realize its still the preseason, but I thought we might have watched some tape in the off-season.

That's a pet peeve of mine as well, YoEleven. And it isn't just BC, it seemed to me that most all teams were doing that with disconcerting regularity last season. Annoying. If you're going to basically give up on second down by throwing short 3 yard passes when you need ten or more yards, what the heck, may as well quick kick.

Yeah its a bit worrying but it is preseason. I'm hoping its just to test out the YAC ability of recievers and blocking of the other players.