not the best commercials

there are commercials that do nothing to really sell the product
there are commercials that are just plain stupid
there are commercials that are offensive

offensive commercial #1 - young lady gets into a really small car, says a couple of things good about the car, then asks how hard it is to park. sheesh. Are they trying to suggest that the average driver can't park a car as small as a beetle, in a mall parking lot space even. Not even talking about parallel parking. Who comes up with this stuff.

Have you ever sat in a parking lot(waiting for your wife) and watched how people drive? They can't park these tiny popcorn machines at all. The commercial is bang on IMO. I drove truck for years and most people can only drive half decent if they are going straight or downhill. Ask them to turn, backup or drive uphill and they are lost. Ever notice the long lines going uphill ? It's because people can't figure out that going uphill will slow the car down ::).

I refuse to believe that being that pathetic is as routine as the commercial would have us believe. The odd person here and there, pun intended, but I think the commercial is an exaggeration.

Why do you think they are developing cars that do the driving for us ?

The junkyards are full of go carts that people couldn't drive.

Next time you get the chance, sit in a parking lot and watch the chaos. These same people drive on the roads too !

Because not only are millenials needy..they are lazy too.

Human lazyness?

Proof that evolution is bunk?

Laziness is a big part. It used to be difficult to drive. You had to pay attention. There were gears and clutches. The lights didn't turn on automatically. When the automatic transmission came out, the drivers started to get lazy. How many people today can drive a stick ? Hell, even the big rigs are auto now...You can't text and shift into third at the same time !!!!!!! This is why the drivers are bad. Cheap crap tiny go carts add to the chaos.

everytime I see that ford escape commercial, my blood pressure goes up. grrrr

Big government and big business looks forward to a society less capable and more controlled by programmable machines.

Imagine being injured and in a crisis situation where your survival depends on a millenial being able to drive a vehicle with you in it out of peril backwards using mirrors.

You're gonna die, my friend.

...unless you're with my daughter, who's a millenial, a reserve army medic and drives badass EMT rigs in the oilfields...sigh, stereotypes, they often backfire...

Millenials certainly don't have the bad driver category locked up. I distrust almost every single other driver out there. I am an equal opportunity driver distruster. I don't care how old you are, what sex you are, what religion you are, what country you are from or what colour you are. I DON'T TRUST YOU.

...the motorcyclist's motto...

Don't get me started on bike riding. I've quit riding 3 times now because of the 4 wheelers. I don't think I'm going back this time unless I move. It's bad around here. They like to kill older bikers. So many close calls. It's just not enjoyable. You have to be on high alert at every second. I don't want to end up a stat.

guess the jingle.

wawili wote nyama krabby mchuzi maalum lettuce jibini Achali vitunguu kwenye ile ya mbegu ya ufuta



I thought it was "Don't read Japanese, don't write Japanese, don't ride Japanese."


"I'd rather be judged by twelve than carried by six."


With the over-reliance on smart phones and apps for so much thought and thinking, or what purports to be either, the voluntary mind control experiment afoot sure is working too.

Wait until the power goes out for awhile folks and watch what happens next.

Right on, Paolo and Iconic too. (I have no idea why Iconic’s post won’t load here)

I’ve been saying for years that the reliance on electricity has gone too far. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t use electricity but that we should be ready for when it’s not there. Too many people flick the switch without knowing where it comes from or what it is. If the power goes out I have 3 more sources of heat to keep me and my house warm. The reliance on electricity alone… is shocking. :wink:

As for cell phones, I’ve been around the world, hunted and fished way up north and fished on a trawler 30 miles out in the Gulf of St Lawrence and the Atlantic and I never had a cell phone. Why would I need one now ? I’ve been asking people why they have one for a long time now and the answers are always the same… “I hate it but I need it.”…“My work means I need one.”(yet they take it on vacation) and my fav…“I got a really good deal on it.”…When I ask people what they are checking for, they tell me that someone might have messaged them. Whoop Dee Do. Not everyone is a heart surgeon on call. What a waste of money. I see people walking into walls and posts and each other all the time. That phone sure is important.

The A and W commercials . It just bugs me and I like the food once in awhile .

Do you have to be in your twenties to like root beer or hamburgers ?

The host guy is in his early 60's maybe late 50's but he only speaks to young people in the commercials . After awhile it's very noticeable .

I like A and W and I like Swiss Chalet but it's an older crowd who flock to these places en mass .

They probably want the younger one's to go away from Mickie Dees but there demographic that I have seen has older people really enjoying their breakfasts and lunches .

Maybe a little more diversity in age demographic would be a bigger lift than this millennial push to eating healthy fast food . Older people love the idea of healthy fast food made with the least amount of additives . Embrace your consumers .

Ironically - considering the discussion of cell phones Dan - the reason you could not include Iconic's and Paulo's quotes together is because a change was made recently to only allow one person's post to be quoted in a post. The reason - if multiple quotes keep getting included in new posts they become almost unreadable for those using their cell phones to read these boards. With multiple previous posts quoted it ends up looking like this for people reading these forums on their mobile.