...A WINS, A WIN....but i didn;t see an enthused Bomber team today ,against the Ti-Cats....I think coach Berry seen the same thing and was mad as hell....stupid penalties....the old Glenn trick of passing...We'll have to do a helluva' lot better than that if we want to make it out of the semi-final...and watching fragile Glenn go down again me the willies...The Bombers defence can carry this team in a play-off...they are excellent...BUT ...If we don't get a better game from the offence ...against an Argos or Als. team...we could be toast....I'll write this one off as just playing hard enough to win...but that sure won't get it done against a better club.... :roll: :roll:c'mon BigBlue...

agreed papa, the blue and gold played a weak game today. and couldn;t seem to sink the ti-cats. bbut we did pull off a win which is a good sign and i am sure the berry will be on top of the boys getting them ready for the stamps.

i agree, plus there was the fact that we keep playing undisciplined football. ay to many penalties. somethings gotta be done, most disciplined team always has an advantage, team with les turnovers always has a huge advantage. things like this bother me, if it was any other team we would have lost.

if we can limit the turnovers and penalties, and we're healthy, i honestly think we have a legit shot at the cup.

lets not forget not capitalizing in the red zone, the blue have had a tendancy to do good till the red zone then it’s meh, settle for 3… in comes Troy… nails are being nitten like mad cuz he’s so unpredictable… TROY SHANKS IT FROM 12!