Not sure why but Simoni deserves his own thread

He IMO is the single most important player on the Cats defense.

Simoni will be coming in with a chip on his shoulder after losing out on Most outstanding defensive player
Playing in front of the largest audience of the year being on centre stage is exactly what Simoni craves.

Key to winning IMO is stopping Harris.
Week 17 we held Harris to 37 yards rushing. Simoni had 17 tackles and was the difference.

For these reasons I nominate Simoni for this random thread. ???

I know why.

He and Speedy are the heart and soul of this team. He is the extrovert and Speedy is the introvert. Between them they DEFINE Tiger-Cat football.


Proof (not that it is necessary).

Just watching the walkthrough on TSN. The players exchanged jerseys (ie: Tasker trading with Daly).

Speedy wanted to trade with Simoni. Banks got his borrowed jersey on just fine. Coffee made it out my nose watching Banks pry Simoni into his jersey… Lol

Simoni’s trash-talking during the Grey Cup game. Which will it be?

b Less than usual.[/b] Solemn moment. Bit of nerves. Feels kinda bad about the whole Collaros thing.

b Same as always.[/b] Simoni is Simoni. “Do what got you here.”

b More than usual.[/b] Big games call for big-time trash-talking. Now or never, baby!


I’ve seen and read enough to convince me that Speedy and Simoni need to stay here for the rest of their careers. A rare instance where I think a change of scenery would hurt their performance

I think there is NO doubt they would like to. Now the team and them have to make it happen.

Simoni should be more strategic with who he is jersey swapping with.

Either that or join a gym. ;D ;D ;D

My gut feeling is that the individual awards, and the size of the crowd won’t make much of a difference in Simoni. My guess is he’d be Simoni-level pumped if he was playing touch football down on the corner with his neighbours.

Playing in the Cup just moves his dial past ‘10’ to ‘11’.

I don’t think (b) could possibly exceed ©.
Otherwise it would just be a solid sound tone. ;D

Other than the first 5 mins the coverage was a joke, all they talked about was the Bombers

Another chip on our shoulders, in addition to Simi being overlooked for his award.

Simoni: as a Ticat fan, how can you not love the guy?

I really hope that he, Banks, Laurent, Tasker, Filer & everyone else can wash the taste of 2014 out of their mouths today.