Not sure where to put this but

I dont seem to be able to find previous seasons players stats this year?

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I meant to say my problem was just with

I cant not find last seasons players stats on your third link

Dont think wiki works either

google it yourself then. good grief the TSN link has it all. what more do you need?

just what always was on CFL.CA before. One would think it would be available here if anywhere. However, I dont need an ambulance :slight_smile:

yea but you seem to have an allergy to searching google yourself.

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2022 rushing stats

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no, I use it all the time. I can be a stickler for things being as they should be tho. Sometimes quite anal about it. I just think that things should be done right if they going to be done at all.

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yea i agree, they should be more accessible on the CFL site. a lot should be different over there…

i found the old stats tho.

yes, that what I was looking for. Couldnt find it

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it wasn’t super easy to find. it was a in the google results for “2022 CFL statistics”

That works. I might have gotten around to trying that eventually but thanks


Cool, I was wondering how you found it as the site itself doesn’t link those stats anymore. :rage:


i don’t get it myself. clearly they are trying to control fans access to stats. super uncool and annoying.