Not so fast on Kent Austin folks!!!!

Read Damien Cox's piece on Kent Austin in todays(Mon) Toronto Star.
Very revealing :thdn: .
I sure as heck would not want him with the Tiger Cats.

got a link?

I never read the piece but, I sure as heck don't think you should ever take a discard from your neighbours trash and display it on your lawn the next day. Particularly when that neighbour's house is in as bad a shape as yours.


No sorry. Read it in the paper this morning.

No sorry. Read it in the paper this morning.

Here y'all go:

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[quote="Espo"]Here y'all go:

Thanks Espo!

[quote="Espo"]Here y'all go:

Thanks Espo!

Ya Damien Cox the man who said the fans in Hamilton are animals . The same Cox who used to live in Hamilton when he was married .

Then he went to Toronto where he could bank more money. I won't bash him for that move.


Funny, something i noticed about the article . First of all he said Hamilton was awful . Now we all know, any of us who have watched every game we played this season . We should of won many more games than we have and have really only played poorly in ONE game .

Second he mentions the punts out of bounds . Well how come the man never talks about the ball rolling on the field in an NFL game and nobody playing it or the punts that they stick thier hands up and the punts that they kick out of bounds ALL the time !!!

Why is it none of these so called experts ever talk about this ?? Because they know the NFL is more popular with the masses and they dont want to upset them now does he ???

Since there are no facts or stats to back up anything Cox said it should be dismissed as pure nonsence. Toronto's O was one of the best last year and the year before Allen missed half the season with a broken leg.

No he worked in Toronto and lived here . Moved to Toronto after his divorce and has bashed Hamilton ever since .

You say moved, I said went. How could you not relate? Joe M did the same thing and did the same thing when he got there.

:lol: Bash me, I might jump ship.

No Montford was critical of the team for not paying him what he was worth . Big difference . He came back and did the job better than whoever they had replacing him the year before . As always the man does his job and does it well !!!!

this offence, really, has never seemed to quite match the cumulative talent level of the players involved.
Sounds vaguely familiar about the Ti-Cats this year.

Only difference is we have 2 new RB's 3 new receivers, a new QB, and 3 new offensive linemen.

The Argos have basically the exact same team with the exception of the under used Ricky Williams (prior to injury).

Forget what other people say about Hamilton. I've lived in TO my whole life except for a stint in PEI and I think Hamilton is a great town in lots of ways for lots of reasons. I do h*te the Cats though. :lol:

An Argo fan

C'mon Barn give the Cats some bulletin board material and say something negative about Hamilton. (just joking of course) It worked great last Friday night in the 'peg.

In another article, when the topics the NFL, maybe he’ll mention that. It has no relevance in a piece about the out of bound kicks in the CFL, which I also feel are deadly dull and would like to see something done about. Possibly penalize the kicker for out of bound kicks, cause they are not exciting and CFL football is all about excitement!