Not signing Hank?

I'm not sure if I agree with not signing Hank to a deal to have for the game tomorrow. Even if he isn't ready, isn't it better to have an experienced guy who might not be perfect, than risk Irvin getting injured and having to resort to guys who experimented back in school?
Lonie says it's because Hank isn't ready, but word is it's because they'd have to pay his salary for the rest of the year (which I've heard would be 24K - team 1200). Wouldn't you rather have a guy who's rusty than no real back up at all?
I hope this cost saving measure doesn't bite them in the a**....

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I would rather go with Irvin. I don't think the money is the issue. Obviously if Ilesic could do it, he'd be there. Irvin has been kicking and punting in game action the last few years. Ilesic has only been kicking in his spare time. You gotta give Joe the benefit of the doubt on this one.

Question, go to practice you had to wear hard hats in the stands Hank was booting ti all over the place, he is crap