Not shaving!!!

Gentlemen, Join me in a quest, I vow not to shave until the cats win a game this season!

I already started my beard thursday. Lets hope they dont go 0-15 or they will be calling me Jesus!

If we all get together on this we could see a stadium full of "Evan Almighty's" by the labor day classic!!!

Anyone else have any crazy rituals they do for this team?

Who's with me on the not shaving quest?

Sorry- I haven’t shaved for 32 years. If this technique actually worked…

Okay I am in..

Hahaha! Nice Beetlejuice! I can just see it now we will all be exchanging hard hats blowers and kilts for long robes!

A say we switch it up from the traditional "Beard" growing to growing Mustaches!- LMAO I could just picture it now...

  • Just kidding by the way :lol:


Ok i`ll try and see how long i last ......

Should be Fun
Plus I hate Shaving Anyways

ok i won't shave until we lose. I know it's a big time gamble considering we're likely to go 17-1 the rest of the way but i'm a trooper, I'm willing to tough it out lol.

Thats the spirit guys.

All we need now are T-shirts to wear at the next home game (provided we lose in Toronto)

That say


If we all agreed to this not shaving thing I think Gillette might have to file for bankruptcy.

why not up the ante? don't shave till they make the playoffs! haha, now who's still in? :twisted: :lol: hahaha.

Don't shave until they make the playoffs?

Come on, that's a tad extreme.

I can just see it now...

Just kidding, Bob. :wink:

bob looks good with a beard :wink:

It's Brother Robert from St. Jacobs :wink:
(nice job on that photo :thup:)

Are there any ladies on the board that would want to participate? I think that would up the ante quite substantially. :smiley:

Is that Gerrit from Idomo?

Boy - you guys are crazy, and have it all wrong.

Here is my plan:

I will do the opposite.

I will continue to shave, till they win. Win 1 game, I stop shaving. Then, a week later, they win game #2, I continue NOT shaving.
I then keep growing the beard longer, after each game win.
The 1st game they lose, off goes the beard, till the next win.
And we continue the same process.
So, the more wins, the longer the beard.
And that includes you too, Bob. I want to see you with a beard as long as in the picture. I know you won't mind growing it, knowing your Cats are winning.

Point is: Why suffer twice? Once for the Ticats losing, and once for growing the beard.
With my method, I may suffer the long beard, but My Ticats are winning!!
Who's with me on this?
The Eagle :thup: :thup: :thup:

I would hope all the Ticat ladies will stand by their men and not shave their legs as a show of support. :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t expect me to Photoshop that!