Not shaving till the next win!

After the Montreal loss I made a pact to not shave until the Cat's won again. So each loss is not only painful to the spirit but my face get's itchier with each passing week. All the more reason to win on Monday please!!! I don't wanna look like Gandorf after all :lol:

Nothing like a good ol' victory shave after a great night of Ticat's football and a couple of their overpriced beers! Bring on thanksgiving! GO CATS GO :rockin:

First I've ever heard of a regular season beard. Usually it's a playoff beard. :lol:

From my experience, the beard does work. I decided to grow a playoff beard last season during the NHL playoffs. It was going well... until I accidentally shaved. Then the Canucks were eliminated. :lol:

After that, I picked Pittsburgh as my team, since half the roster was filled with Canadians, and since they had Crosby, and I vowed not to shave until after the Stanley Cup was awarded. And the Penguins ended up winning.

Actually, I kept growing the beard after the Stanley Cup Finals because my Lakers made it to the NBA Finals, and they ended up winning.

So I'll be doing the playoff beard again this year. :lol:

What if they don't win for the rest of the year? Does that mean that you will not shave until next year?
Not that I want that to happen or anything lol I hope you get to shave on Thanksgiving.

As long as you have a shower I don’t see a problem :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Oh god please win cats :lol:

Just one question - are you a male or female? can't figure it out from you name.

Male :cowboy:

I have a beard all year round so I guess i’m already doing my part. :slight_smile:

:thup: :lol:

Then again, you could be like this poor guy who's been growing his beard since the Bombers last won the Grey Cup:

[url=] ... 0004_0.jpg[/url]

At least he can no longer safely operate a computer keyboard, so he can't opine hourly on ourbombers that "the Bombers have turned the corner", "Grey Cup here we come", "St. Kenny Ploen appeared to me in a vision and told me LeFors will be great", etc.

Oski Wee Wee,


Neat stuff 15, I love it, maybe I'll do a goattee or something that'll go with my bald head.

That's one mighty fine beard there oski!

I will "1 up you" an Argo fan, I will not shower until the Double Blue post their next victory!!!!

PS Who the heck is Gandorf??? :slight_smile:

Gandalf! w/e same thing :lol:

What's the big deal? Some 40 years ago, about twenty of us were spending the May 24 weekend preparing a Little League field for the season. None of us had beards, and someone suggested we see who could grow the best beard by Labour Day. Game On!

Naturally, some wives put an end to 100% participation, but we persevered. I didn't win, but the beard did such a good job of concealment, that I carried on and still sport a beard to this day. I don't claim that it's an improvement, but it does cut down on the cost of razor blades.