not selling tickets very well

Just heard on nw today that ticket sales are not going very well only around 25,000 have been sold , told you lions fan's because of the canucks, the lions are left behind.


Gee... if you are going to name your source for info then at least get the facts right. I was listening to NW throughout the day at work and Dhaliwal said the Lions were expecting between 32,000-35,000 on Saturday night.

Listen for yourself in audio vault

There was no report of 25,000 tickets sold.

shhh, dont burst his bubble when he is on a roll

Every time there's a home game he does this, worst crowd of the year, and then its not and then we laugh at him because he thinks Canadians love NFL more and they don't actually. CFL is king of football in Canada. If you want to be an american go live in the states, stop doin it here.

Hey dupsdell, I thought you said you were not coming back.

so F OFF!!!

He's been wrong everytime about his crowd predictions, so let's just allow him to keep being incorrect.

We believe you dupsdell, it's going to be a tiny crowd. Probably a pre-season type crowd.

dupsdell... why do you even bother to post such negative garbage. So seeing as you love Casey Printers why don't you join the Ticats forum instead and let us enjoy the positive aspect of the lions.

That is because you guy's don't belive the truth, and the truth is the lions could do so much better at the gate but bob ackles wally brunno and exspecally david braily do not want to do anything about building another stadium with the whitecapes and getting out of that god for saken ugly thing called a domed stadium, going after the most excititng quaterback since doug flutie, (at least if they tried the would have been fine too)who cares if had problems the last time he was here, the players would have gotten over it by know.

Know this team sits and does nothing. Buck Pierce is ok but he is just a ordinary quater back.Same with JJ.and Dave Dickenson is done, this game tom night if they had got Printers would been near 45,000, but because of wally bunno stupid intellegents, they are barley going to get 30,0000.

I feel for BY because Printers is going to be dud andor medlock is going to be a real headache. We are better off without them. I have had a hard time warming up to wally because he is still calgary, the enemy, to me, but my respect for wally just went up.

they are barley going to get 30,0000.
Wow! Three hundred thousand people and barley! Can't wait for Saturday!

And when the Lions raise tickt prices to build a new Stadium, Dupsell will be on here Crying: :cry: :cry:


Actually, I'm wrong! He isn't going to be here. :? (Remember that post??? Never comming back?) :?

Dupsell keeps saying he wont come back. Maybe one day he'll keep his word! :roll: :roll: :roll:

Thats cause you keep feeding the trolls!

I tell you he has a point, this “Wally Brunno” charicter has been raging havoc on the Lions from day 1 maybe Wally Buono Can put a stop to it

Didnt you make the same kind of statement last game? Either you are an idiot or a liar just making things up to be a clown.

For crying out loud, work on your spelling and grammar!

a million inbreds on a million typewriters

Hey you are making things up!