Not selling out Roberts

I still do not feel Roberts is to blame for a running game. The defense did everything we needed and still couldn't count on our offense. Our offense is a total failure this season. Unreal.

Last week, the Toronto d-Line was a complete joke, yet our OL couldn't measure up????

I kid you not. . . The Argo d-line couldn't kill a rodent last week, yet they managed to make our OL look lost in Toronto.

The o-line is banged up, but I suspect Roberts is dogging it to get Berry fired. I’d put Fred Reid together with Roberts in the backfield and see what happens against Montreal.

I still find it hard to accept, that argos d-line. . . so inept vs. sask. made us look shameful as it did. I simply don't understand it, our OL were handed to us.

It is too bad too, because it wasted a very good defensive performance by the Bombers. Not one offensive touchdown allowed. Any time you do that, you should win the darn game.

...totally agree MadJack....Dinwiddie didn't have a good game ....but neither did Joseph....There is some inexplicable thing going on with this team and if it isn't corrected soon...we may have another season to right-off....The offensive coach has been 'lacking' to speak....and may need to be shown the door...other corrections are less obvious...this is a talented team ...with no desire to win... :thdn:

Getting very warm there P.

Someone - someone please feel my pain regarding the bb OL. . . I mean, really.
The best position in football, where you get to kick the crap out of the guy in front of you, and what do we get???

Good post zoo.

I find it hard to put dinwid at fault, considering our OL are playing like a bunch of shriners on high-dosage of meds. I can't believe the lack of protection dinwid had last night. I mean the kid deserved better than that. Bob Dyce better kick these guys in the tail, even if that has something to do with Sherdian going awol on the team.

We're short of protesting for a new OL. (Read above post^)