NOT Real Classy !!!

It is pretty pathetic that the ARGOS would not let in the cheerleaders from Montreal, without paying for a ticket and NOT LETTING THEM ON THE SIDELINES? just another reason to the CFL is BUSH!!

Not the CFL, just the entire Argonauts organization.

And how exaclty does that make the "LEAGUE" bush?

Do you even know what the word means?

There's something about a thread that involves both "cheerleaders" and "bush"..........can't quite put my finger on it...........

I don't know why the Argos would do that...maybe Montreal didn't clear it ahead of time and they just showed up. It would be a good question for Keith Pelly.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

who cares , let them pay like we all have too. It's call a business. :lol:

Players have to buy tickets for there families.

but you want to, don't you? :twisted:

If the cheerleader in question happened to be oriental, then yes I am sure I would :smiley: :smiley:

CALGARY won’t let the SASK. GOFER come!

It seems to me I have seen the visiting teams cheerleaders on the field at Molsons' many times.

I think both teams were wrong.
And cheap!

Um, players' families are not employed by the CFL. The cheerleaders ARE employed by the CFL. So there's no way they should have to pay to attend games. That's completely ridiculous.

You guys do realise that it was the Wpg cheerleaders and not the Montreal cheerleaders

for playoffs, and labour day games, the cheerleaders and mascots should be allowed to the games. it helps make it more exciting

Then I guess Jim Popp was also mistaken, because the Alouettes addressed the issue earlier this week.