Not Quite Wall of Honour

Curious on getting some thoughts on players that are likely never to be honoured on the wall, but should get recognition for what they brought to the field.
Archie Amerson came to mind for me, heart and soul guy who gave it all for the team, had a great career and likely would have put up more numbers if not for nerve issues. Just seems a shame that guys like him are going to be forgotten soon.

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Biggest what could have been in Hamilton for me was Jesse Lumsden. Loved that guy.

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I don’t think Troy Davis is on the wall. But he had close to five great years here - just a hard runner and always consistent.

Agree on what could have been with Lumsden. Too bad about all the injuries, that guy was something special every time he touched the ball.

Loved Archie Amerson.

Unsung hero would be a guy like Marc Beswick. Always seemed to lead the team in special teams tackles year after year.

By the way - Ghost of Talman Gardner - awesome handle. I always pulled for him to start and thought he was going to be the an amazing receiver. For injuries or whatever else, it never seemed to happen for him. A few other receivers whose careers here to varying degrees never quite took off to where I thought they would - Kelvin Means, Demetrius Breedlove, Prechae Rodriguez.

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Loved Archie Amerson. Will always remember him for meeting him at one of the old meet & greets in Gage Park before the season began one year. Great guy.

Agree on Lumsden, he could have been a hall of famer had he been able to stay healthy. Was it a game against Winnipeg when he had something like 175 yards & 2 TDs?


Yes I agree about Troy Davis. He was a very good player.

How about Johnny Counts ?

hmmmmm...count me out on Johnny. never heard of him actually. Sounds like an old Jazz rounder.

I guess I'm showing my age. . .he was a RB with the Cats, 64-65, appeared in both Grey Cups.

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Here's ten just off the top of my head that I think deserve some merit and consideration .

Archie Amerson
Mike Walker
Tony Champion
Leo Ezerins
Howard Fields
Darren Flutie
Dave Fleming
Peter Dyakowski
Billy Ray Locklin
Rufus Crawford


I'm like everyman in that I don't recall that name, either. Now, my memory isn't what it once was, but I was in the stands at both of those Grey Cup games. I'm guessing Counts may have been a backup for Willie Bethea, who I do, still, remember well.

I think eligibility for inclusion in the Wall of Honour should be more than just having played for a year or two. There has to be some notable achievement, or a long career as an integral part of our team, as opposed to a long CFL career. I could maybe, maybe, see Danny Mac or Darren Flutie, even Archie Amerson and certainly Tony Champion, but guys who made it first elsewhere, or afterwards, not so much. All things considered, I also prefer longevity over a short brilliant burst.

Maybe that’s just me.

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Art Baker was the fullback, Bethea and Counts were the two halfbacks.

In the 52nd Grey Cup, early 3rd quarter with the Cats down 20-1, Faloney pitched to Counts and he went 58 yards for a touchdown.

Disaster struck later in the third, when Faloney threw a hitch lateral to Counts that he couldn't secure, Bill Munsey picked it up for the Lions and went 71 yards for a touchdown.

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You think our all-time leading passer is a borderline candidate?

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I wouldn't put lumsden in that good as he was every chance he got he tried to get out of hamilton

Wasit counts.i remember my father talking about coonts

He will be qb we ever had

Well, he fits my eligibility under “notable career”, and he did play about half his career here in Hamilton. Also last Hamilton QB to win a Grey Cup? League MOP and GC MOP, which has to count. But, on the other hand, he did come here as an established veteran, and winner of a Grey Cup, and left to pursue other teams. So I could accept his inclusion.

Plus, he did shake my hand outside of Ivor Wynne one night, after he had retired. So I should be more supportive?:smirk:

I went to school with lumsden

I never saw him as a true tiger-cat.

He never wanted to be a CFL player.

A perfect example of the fact that it's easier to get into the Hall than it is to get on the Wall...

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Your father was probably talking about Bobby Kuntz , the toughest player that Angelo Mosca ever saw . He was a Canadian RB and linebacker for the Argos and more importantly , our Tiger Cats . He wore # 23 .

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

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