Not pretty...but what the hey!

Hard fought with casualties along the way but a much needed and much deserved win. What a fabulous TD by Lulay! Now, THAT'S what I call sacrificing the body to get the 6 points.

A nail biter down to the wire. I thought the Lions managed the clock with precision. I understand why they went for 3rd and a few inches but I would rather have seen them take the field goal and give the D a chance to hold the Bombers. Had Jackson fumbled or had the Bombers held them then it would have been the Bombers coming out on top. But what the hey..... we won and that's all that mattered in the end.

Hope McCallum, Simon and Paris Jackson are all okay. It should be a great re-match in Winnipeg next week.

For those who went to the game: It must have been just like old times. A cool crisp autumn evening. The night sky above. Not a cloud in the sky. Thousands of ravenous fans reveling as the Lions came back to tie the game and eventually take the lead. Wish I'd been there to see it all!

our defence deserve great credit ,holding a team that last week who put 40 points on the board against montreal , and special teams giving good field position in the second half. Lulay for his poise directing his offence WITHIN the coaches direction,causing off sides with his cadence and changing plays at the line, and not a turnover ! Just give this kid more he's smart. Hats off to the best kicker in the league Paul McCallum :thup:

I was pretty angry when I saw they were going for it on that last 3rd down. Glad to see it all worked out in the end but it wasn't a good call in my opinion.

There's an old saying in riderville, "a win is a win no matter how ugly", so if they can take them, so can we thank you!

So does this mean Lulay will start the next one? He was ok, but his numbers won't get it done for the rest of the season, but he could be the future for this team. You have to love JJ patients this year!

I understand your point of view Drai, I also was on the edge of my seat watching on T.V. However, had the Lion's gone for the fieldgoal instead of the gamble; Wally was thinking there is still a lot of time on the clock for Winnipeg to drive for the Fieldgoal/Major. The gamble paid off :thup: and B.C. was able to consume more time off the clock en route to McCallum putting it thru the pipes for the win. Nail biter of a game to say the least.

Congrats guys on your teams well played game. See you next week.

Glad to see the Lions getting things turned around.
It's a drag that Winnipeg had to lose another close one though

You know things are getting desperate in the Peg when some people are calling for the return of Mike Kelly and Michael Bishop...the dynamic dumbos. :roll:

When the day comes that you don't have the confidence to go on third and one - no matter what point of the game it is or where you are on the field - then you should be punching a time clock somewhere else. Go big or go home.

I thought the 3rd down gamble was gutsy and was the right call. Even if they didn't make it, it was the right call. We were only up by 2 points, so if Winnipeg marched down the field with time left on the clock, they would win with a field goal. If we were up by 3 points, I wouldn't gamble. So it was the right call and even if they didn't make it, I would blame the offense not able to get less than a yard and not the call from Wally.

Offensively, they didn't look good. For the past few games, we saw improvement in Chap's playcalling, especially when Robertson was injured. Last game, he went back to the conservative play calling. I rather have Casey out there since he will at least break out of those tendancies and go for the big play. Lulay was playing what he was told to do and that was playing not to lose. At the 2nd half, it looks like they let him break out a little bit by going deep a few times, but the play calling itself was still very predictable. I hope they go back to the playcalling they used in the previous few games because I believe that will give Lulay more chance to grow. I still think they need to go back to Casey though.

A gutsy call for sure but I sure wouldn't have gone with it. If they hadn't made it I think it would have assured the Bombers of the win. The Bombers would have been in the driver's seat with the clock management thing. They could have used enough of the clock to leave McCallum with a 45-50 yarder when all was said and done. That was out of his range given his injury.

But these are desperate times and call for desperate measures. A few weeks ago Calvillo went for the full meal deal on 3rd and 4. The result was a TD.

In yesterday's Edmonton/Hamilton game the Eskies' coach elected to go for it on 3 and about yard. The Esks were on their own 20 yard line!

Makes for exciting football is all I can say!

Lulay, the Lucky Lion! Travis did manage to pull it out. I have to say though - thank goodness Winnipeg didn't bring their
A-game. Thank good ness Yanis Davis did. Jyles and Carr did not do well; otherwise the picture would have been quite different. Apart from 'lucky', the one word that described Travis's play on Saturday was 'indecisive'. Geroy's post- game interview confirmed it: Travis needs to trust his receivers more and stop holding onto the ball. It drove me bananas watching him! The O-Line did came through; he just didn't unload it, and I don't think Blue Bomber pass coverage could have been THAT good. I hope they work on that this week. He has to not operate out of fear (of having it intercepted); he must go into Winnipeg with more self confidence. Of course I'm assuming he will be starting this week. Why wouldn't he? One play that did work well was the screen to Robertson. Too many 'out passes'. It would seem Travis has a hard time reading the middle.
I hope MacCallum is okay to go this week. Is Shaun White on the practice roster?

Good summation Pastasteve. No doubt Travis is a little paranoid about throwing more interceptions. With that fabulous TD Lulay scored, no interceptions or fumbles, I think Lulay will have oodles of more confidence going into the next game.

re: Shaun White is on the the "reserve" list according to the papers. Not sure what all that means.

Also, did you guys noticed that Robertson was terrible at blocking last game? He missed a few key blocks that led to Lulay getting hit or hurried. I want to see them incorporate Messam in there a little more. Maybe even do a 2 back set every now and then. We saw Lumbala out there blocking on some plays and he does it well. I wouldn't use Davis too much since he's killing it on the returns, but I wouldn't mind to see the odd toss to the outside using him since he's so quick and shifty.

Ever notice how so many fans expect their QB to be awsome right away,that does'nt happen very often, Burris and Durant sucked for their first couple years , Travis Lulay has the moxy ,give him the helm , he'l get quicker with his reads once he gets more games under his belt, I see a good future with this kid , build on the O line ! :rockin:

Yeah i seen that , Was it Hunt that sucked Robertson in by attacking in to the inside and Robertson wiffed , Messam is a load once he's going with that stride of his, wish his feet were quicker off the start.