Not one playmaker on this team!

It is evident besides lousy coaching and mismanagement ,that our team has no legitmate playmakers or players that oposing teams view as threats to play against.I do not think that if we were to cut our whole team tomorrow that not one player would be picked up by any other CFL team!We use to have the Earl Winfields,Tony Champion,Ben Zambiasi,grover Covington,Joe Montford,players that other teams feared!Does anyone else agree or disagree?

I absolutely agree and have stated this in other posts.

There is no one on defence to scare the other team and no one on offence to make that clutch play when we need it.

Holmes and Ranek would be picked up. The defence, and defensive coaching, isn't bad. The biggest problem is a lack of receivers, and lack of imagination in the offence. Now is the time to make big changes.

Corey Holmes: 2 touches on offense that I counted.

Great plaque night. Nice marketing. :wink:

Actually, the alarming fact is... you're dead wrong.
There are alot of decent football players on this team, but they are going through the motions as individuals... there is no unit continuity with this group.

Simply, the chemistry is off.

The only way to straighten this out, is a new perspective...
New GM and personnel directors;
new head coach and football operations people;
heck, new training staff if you have to!

In my humble opinion, Bob Young and his organization have done a marvelous job on the marketing and administration side... but the operations have been underdeveloped, a little neglected or overlooked, and to a degree mismanaged.

As an owner, Mr. Young realizes that he is not a "football man", and does not get involved in the daily routine... that to his credit as an astute businessman.
Unfortunately, he hasn't got the right people running the show for him either!

Classic example: the coaching situation which has been badly handled by the GM.
Unless he had a better plan (or a plan, period), Katz should never have fired Marshall.
Typical knee-jerk reaction from an inexperienced manager.
Installing a former failure as a lame-duck wasn't the answer... that much is evident based on the results.
These players are professionals... who's going to listen to, or have respect for... a TEMP? :expressionless:

Once the corporate structure is revamped, progress can be made with the onfield product.
Luckily this team is not as far away from respectability as it appears, right now.