Not much of a playoff run this year

This is not about 1 division or west better than east.

5 of 6 spots are taken and the last is all but guaranteed to the Riders. Barring a complete collapse by the Stamps and Bombers they will finish 1 and 2 so the only thing left to decide is 1st in the east and 3rd in the west and unless the Argos beat Winnipeg this weekend the east will be virtually Ottawas.

The only race is for 3rd in the west and that will come done to just 1 game on the final weekend. Both Edmonton and Saskatchewan play Calgary and have BC and Montreal respectively. Those games should wash leaving the final game as a winner take all. Really the only meaningful game that will likely be a tight contest left in the final 3 weeks.

Rare that the playoff picture is this set with this much time to go. We can pretty much pencil in the playoffs;

Division semi's
East Toronto vs Edm/Sask
West Winnipeg vs Edm/Sask

Division finals
East Ottawa vs
West Calgary vs

I hate this time of season, for the most part the last few games mean nothing and remind me of preseason. It is very hard to get excited to watch them when nothing is on the line eh.

I'd say the only thing realistically left to decide in the West is who crosses....even though there is still math to see some shuffling.

Not sure why you seem to have the East all locked up though. Hamilton is playing pretty good ball atm...far from a lock the redblacks win next week, so even if the Argos do lose this one they could have another crack at first next week.

Pretty good is not good enough and Ottawa needs a win against Hamilton to force the Argos to need 2 wins for first. I don't see them winning this week and with the RBs coming off a bye and playing at home they have to be favoured. I never bet against the team coming off the bye, they win far more than they lose.

You will likely see backups in that last game of the season between Saskatchewan and Edmonton. At that point both teams know they'll be on the road in the playoffs and can t see either team risking injury to key players there.

I thought Hamilton was eliminated last week?

Esks will go full boar gang-buster if they're still in a position to nip Winnipeg at the wire - and reverse the home setting for the semi-final.

Now, just for the sake of comparison, imagine the playoff race in a united league:

Calgary and Winnipeg would have the byes locked up. But after that, there'd be 5 teams jockeying for 4 spots and the right to host first-round playoff games.

Edmonton -9-6
Sask: 8-7
Ott: 7-9-1
Tor: 7-9
BC: 6-9

Would such a scenario increase or decrease fan interest in the playoff run?

Hamilton was eliminated. Between BC and the Riders for the final spot and BCs only hope is for the Riders to lose their last 3 and BC to win 'em all. Ain't happening.

I highly doubt you will see any backups in the Rider Eskies game since it will almost certainly be a winner takes 3rd game. Unless Edmonton increases their 2 point lead in the next 2 weeks that final game is for 3rd/crossover.

"United" league. Hmmm, is that taking from a soccer line of thinking PTBO? :wink: I don't know, the word "united" just sounds very soccerish to me, not bad, just very soccerish.

You mean "soccerish" isn'tbad? :wink:

There's not much difference between 3rd and 4th. The first game in the playoffs will be in a different time zone regardless. I can't see either team risking injury to starters, especially QBs, when there's no chance at a home playoff game.

That is true, but no one wants to go into the playoffs off a loss and the crossover has not been kind to teams so far. Then again with Toronto's record against the west these teams may tank it to get the crossover. :wink:

I don't think the Riders or the Bombers or any west team would want to give up that home field advantage to travel and do the crossover. If a west team wins the east semi, it means staying another week out there before the East final and if they win the East final then it's hanging around Ottawa for another week before the GC.
I don't see any advantage in the crossover

Spot on and another good reason for having one division.

Interesting for sure in this case if there were no divisions. Excellent there PTBO. But doing away with the divisions would be like doing away with Canada Post offices closing, the public ones that is. Oh wait, many did close and Canadian culture and life goes on. :wink:

But I'd miss these sorts of headlines if there were no divisions. :wink:

Welcome to the CFL East, where Montreal is awful, Hamilton embarrassed itself and no one cares about Toronto -
Scott Stinson: The time between now and the Grey Cup game in Ottawa, where the CFL rebirth is booming, could get a little awkward

What must it be like playing for the Argos there in Toronto with so little love? :-*

Just when things look predictable, that's when chaos rears its ugly head.

That's why they play the games.

I'm not sure about all the semis and finals being played out west in this scenario. West teams 3 and 4 get home games over East teams 1 and 2 because they have a win or two more?
On the other hand, the playoff run does look interesting.

I'm of the same attitude as the commish: I would prefer to keep the East-West format, but I think we should be open to discussing alternatives.

From a National Post article linked to in another thread:
Ambrosie intends to discuss the idea of a change to the division and playoff structure in the off-season, though he’s not in favour of scrapping the East-West format.
“I do like this system, but I don’t want to be so rigid that I’m not prepared to entertain other thoughts,? he said. “I think we should look at it. I think we should have fun with the conversation.?

I like the way Ambrosie talks about this issue, relates his own feelings and not afraid to do so but ready, willing and able to talk about alternatives. Nice!

Talk is cheap. This is his first year so he can't really be judged properly until he has had an off season to act on his words. His time to shine and win the respect of fans is after the Grey Cup. I really hope he follows through on the many things he has talked about.

I'll agree that he is at least talking which is a HUGE step up from the corporate lackeys that have held that post in recent years.