Not Much of a Game So Far

Pretty poor display by both teams so far. Dropped passes. Poor throws. Poor kicking. Looks more like an exhibition game than a battle for first place.

agreed the offences are really slow. but it looks like more of an exhibition game for the refs then anything. miss calling blantant plays.

…they didn’t miss the punch in the nutz by Belli…what a dirty shot…typical of this guy…overall the Argos are letting the Bombers hang around…i hope it comes back to bite them in the a$$ :wink:

Do you ever get much of game when the Argos are playing?

good point lion. to bad the dam bombers fill a magazine in a C7 before the game and make sure that every shot hits in their foot by the end of the game.

Turned the game on in the fourth, and was completely amazed that the score was only 9-5. :expressionless:

OK, does anybody notice something wrong with this thread?

The author of the starting post has gone on endlessly about how we should support the CFL and that the Argos are on the death kneel because of the alleged imminent arrival of the Bills to Toronto on a permanent basis (I know, it's only 2 games, but he makes it sound like they'll relocate from suburban Buffalo to the Rogers Centre wholesale).

Such "rah rah" from him makes one believe he's from the Greater Toronto Area to begin with. Yet, he wrote the post while the game was going on. Which makes me wonder one thing: if he's concerned about the support for the Argos and the league, why couldn't he have made the trek to Rogers Centre and scored a ticket to the game himself? Sure, there were 40,000+, but he could've netted one from the box office or a scalper.

Something to ponder, folks.

Just may be he can't afford a ticket to the Rodgers centre, or he has a court order against him, stating he can not attend any function at the Rodgers centre...I don't know, but your reading a whole lot into this Thread, Mongo..

What are you blithering about MOngo?
YOu can support the CFL, but if the game is a dog, there's nothing wrong with calling it that.

And btw. I already have my Grey Cup tickets. Do you have yours?

Your right Mongo! Notice it was about a game that is a first.

Yawn Paid mine in full back in January. One of the benefits of being a season ticket holder of the host team.