Not Much Class From Mosaic Stadium

Well...I thought I would post this cause I was disappointed with the Rider cheerleaders doing there half time show..while Spergyn was laying on the field on a stretcher(if a concussin is considered ok)...I am an Als fan and I do not mean any disrespect to the Rider organization..this is a post towards the management of Mosaic field Shame On You :expressionless: :thdn:

If you noticed they werent the cheerleaders but rather just a bunch of amateur young girls dancing around must of been some promo they had going on.

But with that being said they could have done it another time during the game or at least on the other end of the field not 5 yards away from the ambulance and stretcher on field.

He he, this is funny. I'm an Als fan and I just posted a new thread to fire coach Barrett.

See Saskatchewan, if you keep sleeping like that, foreigners will start to take care of your business! :o

The Cheerleaders were there as well helping the young girls! But thye were probably told to go out there figuring it was a minor injury. I would not judge anything by this!

Whats the big deal???

The show must go on. Now had it been
the paramedics dancing i could see your point.


I thought it was a little disrespectful myself.

The halftime show was junior cheerleaders (young girls) who had come from all over the province.

In my opinion they could have continued with the halftime show but kept them contained to each endzone, allowing the stretcher and the ambulance to come on the field. How it was the girls were going around Wynn and the paramedics.

I'd be mostly concerned that one of the kids would be injured while the ambulance is coming onto or going off of the field.

My second concern would be that they would disrupt the paramedics, or bump somebody causing further injury to Wynn.

Halftime shows are planned long in advance, and are a once in a lifetime opportunity for many of these kids. We can't expect them to just cancel it because the Argo QB is on the field. And it's too late by that time to make wholesale changes to the program.

The half time show is planned a long time in advance. They were waiting quite paitently in the endzones waiting to come on.

For all we know, they were given permission to continue by the Argo medical staff and the paramedics. It's not like the ambulance would be moving that fast on the field when it leaves, and the girls looked like they were staying far enough away to avoid interfering with the medical staff.

I didn't find it disrespectful at all, PROVIDED that the medical staff and paramedics gave some kind of "go ahead, we don't mind".

I found it compeltely disrespectful and classless to have the cheerleaders out there while someone is being put onto a stretcher and wheeled into an ambulance.

This isn't soccer, someone being carried off like that is seriously injured. If the halftime show really must go on, do it after Wynn is off the field and show a little respect.

(Should have been a flag on the hit too, but they don't seem to be calling that this year. I guess the penalty quota is being filled up on illegal blocks.)

I said right away that was classless. I found it particularily odd that when a TO o-lineman faked a cramp (although witht he extreme heat it may have been legit, who knows) to buy some time for his defense, the cheerleaders took a knee, but when you got a guy sprawled out at mid field half dead, they are dancing around his body. That being said, it was the scheduled half time show and although it was a little tasteless under the circumstances, they didn't impede on his assessment/treatment and it prevented the dissappointment of several hundred little girls who probably were looking forward to this for months.

Go Riders!!

Just poor organization, same as the kid being sc re we d out of his contest prize in Calgary. (edited)

Not sure which part of Wynn getting hurt they were supposed to organize, but to each their own I guess. Could you explain your pre-editted comment about Schultz and Pinball?

Really, what do we all expect from fans that will dump raw manure on the lawn of their kicker after he misses in the playoffs? These are the same fans that cheer for criminals that spread HIV to unsuspecting women and beat up bouncers. Why wouldn't they cheer for cheerleaders dancing around a guy with a serious injury being hauled off in an ambulance? Hey, they had waited long enough! Who does this guy think he is lying on the field that long?!? Moving 20 yards in either direction would not be ideal! We'll just dance around his head!!!

I didn't edit my post. I said what lacked class was Schultz crying to Pinball after the game considering he partyed like a madman after seeing Wynn stay on the ground. not sure why it was edited but anyway.

My comment about lack of organization had to do with the kids dancing around the ambulance.

the stadium looks awful. Different colours everywhere, it just looks real bad, a bunch of hicks must have built that stadium.

It's appropriate this thread is about lack of class. The above post is a clear example!

Actually two fans dumped manure, not all Rider fans, so don't lump us in with those two idiots.

Secondly, I don't think anyone condoned Keith's or Smith's actions. The Rider fans knew those two were at fault and looked down on them for it.

I rest my case about lack of class - this one takes the cake!

The rider organization knew about Trevis Smith knowingly spreading HIV on their road trips long before the media and public did. And they CHOSE to keep him on the team, only doing anything about it after it leaked to the media and they were forced to. The fans have responded by continuing to support this 3rd rate organization with their wallets.