Not mentally tough enough -- question

I was reading Rob's latest article / blog about Chamblin's comments - "we'er not mentally tough enough".

Does anyone know if the Riders have a Sport Psychologist on the pay roll or access to one?

It's not listed on the staff section of Riderville. The other doctors are.

Just curious if a Sports Psychologist could help them out right now.

maybe he help an inept Quarterback find his receivers

Yah we know you don't like DD, but in his def. 7 sacks in a game is the O lines fault. He has had a great season, don't get me wrong, I am not a big DD fan, but he has improved, and Willy is not the answer!! So get over it!!

not sure if on payroll, but more than one actually. They've used one for years, but more since last off season. Chamblin is high on it.

I thought I read somewhere that CFLISBEST and Gridiron Giru were the finalist for the job. No decision made yet by Rider brass.

2nd grey cup win they wore string on their ring finger all thru the season as a constant reminder of what they were playing for.

Based on the tantrums and dumb penalties in key games, they need as much help as they can get. I see a lot of selfish play right now.