Not many good Canadian QB's....Fix the ratio to incl. QB's!

Hello everyone. Longtime reader, new poster.

What's wrong with the CFL! Allow Canadian QB's to count towards the ratio already!

Most will say that there isn't enough Canadian quarterbacks out there to warrant a change in things, and while I agree that there isn't many good QB's out there that are canadians, I also believe that we as canadians are causing the problem ourselves.

As I said, I agree that there isn't many canadian QB's that would make it anywhere right now, but isn't that the point of making the ratio include QB's? It will obviously take a few years of waiting for young QB's to STAY playing QB because they actually have a shot at the CFL in the future. Most young Canadian Highschool, and junior players that are QB's unfortunately have to switch positions because they have absolutely no chance of making it in the CFL. If they want to be a pro they have no choice, they are forced to be anything but a QB.

This is why there's very few good canadian QB's out there right now! It's pretty simple really....Give the kids some hope of being a Pro in the CFL someday and they will want to play the position even as young kids growing up and playing community football. This of course carries over to Highschool, then beyond. Next thing you know (5-10 years from now) you have a much larger portion of canadians that COULD be great QB's available to be drafted.

It doesn't have to be mandated that every team has a Canadian QB on the roster, but at least allow them to count towards the ratio so that they get a look at least!

I'm on your side. Make the 3rd QB a Canadian!

It does seem strange that for a league that says 7 Canadians must start and so many players must be Canadian that they don't have a rule that encourages the development of Canadian kids to be able to play the most complicated position of all. Weird.

I agree completely with the existing message. Canadians are as big as the Americans,they are as fast,they can jump high as well et. Let us indeel add a player to the roster to be a Canadian QB.

U.S. colleges for the most part have far stricter training/practicing routines, and kids start developing their skills at a very young age. I'd like to see the import ratio continue to not include QBs. Simply enough, if Canadian QBs are good enough to play in the CFL, then they will most certainly take one of the 3 roster spots on a team - with the exception of Jesse Palmer, there are no others. Why would we want to decline that talent at the most critical position - qb -?

I agree there needs to be more push for Canadian players. Bottom line, US College football programs groom and develope QB’s to be proffesional QB’s. You cannot say the same for the CIS. Very few QB’s are at the same level as those in the NCAA. There have been some great QB’s in the CIS and drop off the planet after they graduate. I for one would like to see them get a shot, but it just won’t happen.

ITs not the Fans of the CFL or The owners, its the fact that The people who are considered the "football" experts, are FRom NCAA , Some (one Had to compete with Canadian ( in Ottawa) exiled to Regina - They look at , that NCAA QB,s are ready to start and CIS qb,s arent. and they are under pressure to win , so they play and staff NCAA qb,s- ITS a shame there is no regard for the fan,s who want to see Canadian trained QB,s get a chance at making football a JOB! HOW can there not be a Gifted Canadian capable of Playing the position?? :roll:

There is probably a few good athletes that choose to be running backs, or receivers, and not play QB. I imagine this is just because there's no option for them in the CFL due to this ratio problem.

Would you play QB at even the highschool level if you were a good athlete and wanted to be a pro someday? You would know that because of the lack of options in the future to canadians....Most likely it's best not too. This is exactly the problem.

Would take a few years for a few descent QB's to come around, but I'm pretty sure we'd see at least a couple here and there if the ratio allowed.

This issue was a hot topic on the old ticats site, LOTS of Dennison mockers- BUT also alot of fans in support of seeing a few CIS QB<s --this is up to the BOG-to FIX, for several reason,s it would be good for the CFL,$$ a Canadian "star" would help boost ticket sales. AND FROM A THEORETICAL(s) POINT,- a player trained in Canadian Rules will have a better understanding on how to Play Canadian football- IMO

We now have Plamer, as much as I like to see a Canadian QB in action, and we will hopfully get the chance soon, I feel that no QB spot should be desiged to be just for a Canadian QB, I DO however, feel that the import ratio should be changed to not segragate the QB posistion, and let teams pick 22 Canadians and 20 imports, so that will encorage them to pick a Canadian QB to give a spot to another import player, and the other way around, etc etc etc.

First of all Ill start by ending my hiatus with asking why it is so critical to have a canadian at that position? CFL teams try their hardest to avoid playing canadians at any "skill position" so the chances of a canadian seeing play at the position that takes the most skill are slim to none even if they are forced onto the roster.

No matter how we slice it right now the american football system is better at developing football skills than the canadian one and any skill positions as a result owuld be better filled by americans.

re-mada7- your post is just your opinion- its only fact in your mind- No one has said Force Canadians in skill positions, IF you have wached CIS football recently you will see that the level of play is better than in the old ciau- Fact is there are some very talented SKILL position players in the CIS and they are trained at a more entertaining and more complicated brand of down football. ( well all but toronto teams)are you biasing your opinion on them?