Not making the playoffs will do this team good

Dominguez will be at no risk for injury if we wait it out till next year and will be back full force. Hopefully along side with some new receivers who can catch a pass for 20 yards.

If we don't make the playoffs, this WILL force us to make changes. Instead of barely hanging in there with the mediocrity we have had and lose in the playoffs eventually, not making it will force Barrett and Shivers to make changes and realize that the receivers we have currently are useless. Please Riders if you ever do one thing right, go get beaten in BC and pray Ottawa wins the last two games to bring this team down to Earth where it belongs; out of the playoffs and into the conference room scouting receivers. They are the best and nicest group of people I've ever seen for a team, but that doesn't change the fact they are losers who cannot catch passes over 9 yards.

All that really needs changing for this team to compete is the receivers. The QBs are good. Look at Calgary. Burris has talented guys like Lewis, Copeland to throw to and look what happened. Calgary has clinched playoffs and is very much in the running for the home playoff game. A few receiving changes has put them right from the basement into possibly a home playoff game the next year.

Interesting point. Well said. I agree. Not making the playoffs would learn them a lesson or two. They say they are a great team. Then they go ahead and fumble and drop passes and miss tackles and get burned and then sit there and wonder why oh why is this happening to us.

Do you really think there will be changes with Shivers in control?

Of course there will be changes with Shivers here. He has changed practically the whole team since being here. He is all about winning, and Marcell I think would be the first one to go. He openly criticized him after the five game losing streak. I don't see them accepting him back, at least as the OC, maybe as an assitent or something. Shivers cannot stand to loose.

bigi is right, Shivers is a good GM despite what other teams fans think about him.

does Shivers want to make changes ? ? ? ?
I believe that Danny Barret will become a much beter coach when he hears these 2 words YOUR FIRED

Yeah, but wasn't the deal that Shivers was going to retire in another year or so, and then Barrett was supposed to succeed him as GM? If that is the case, it makes me think it's less likely that Barrett will lose his job anytime soon.