Not mad, but 'at peace': Bombers' Jeffcoat calls it a career


The man was a force.


Oh yeah. When fully armed Jeffcoat was dangerous. He and Willie J. would terrorize backfields like twin burritos going after a colon. Even more gastro-horrific for opposing offensive lines was the s***storm monster of Jefferson, Jeffcoat, Jake Thomas and ‘The Stove’ whipped up by mad scientist Kyle Walters who upon completion of his project uttered the bone chilling phrase, “I am became death, the destroyer of QB’s.”

Oh sure, there are many who still say that we should never have handed the keys to that kind of Shut-Down defense to 'Kill ‘em all’ Richie Hall and to a point I would agree… but think of the fun we Bomber Fans had back in '21 watching that offense crushing mushroom cloud rise in every 4th quarter like clockwork. We may never see its kind again.

Rest in retirement Jackson Jeffcoat (sniff). You will be missed. :beaver:


I’m going to try my best not to picture that…

But I am going to say - they never lead in sacks but the contain that the Jeff’s could put on a QB was second to none. Once they got into the backfield forget wide outs, safety valves, and everything but heaving the ball well over their reach, and that was a true feat itself.

I don’t think any team had close to the number of knock downs they created.

I’m sure QB’s around the league will miss him, in a happy sort of way…


And unfortunately I’ll never be able to use the phrase Jeffersoncoat again, except in reference to the past.


Heck of a player. Sad to see him go. Still feel he had a couple good years left in him


One of the most underrated players. Played a big part in Willies success.
Injuries cut short a great career. Always seemed to have hip problems.
We loved you JJ, and you’ll be missed!