Not Loud Enough

Inclement weather aside, the 13th man was not loud enough tonight... Then again, even a single soul among thousands yelling 'Argos &/$@!' Is music to my ears.

What's up with these crowds?

Uh you are nuts. Crowd was plenty load!?!

And youre breaking the no complaining for a full 24 hours after a win rule. Lol

At points it's LOUD, but sometimes the Crown needs to be told to get loud and by the time that happens it's a little too late !! Got to be LOUD as soon as their Offence is in the Huddle :rockin:

I agree. Being loud when their O is at the line of scrimmage, does little, except to possibly pump up and already pumped D, or to make it more difficult to call an audible. Teams use silent counts at the line of scrimmage.

If the 13th man is loud when the other team is in the huddle, it might lead to a critical mistake by a player who does not properly hear the call from the QB. This is how we (the 13th man) can impact the outcome of the game, and perhaps have an MVP season.

In the 3rd quarter last night (stadium announcer) Mike Nabuurs (and the scoreboard) asked for noise when we were on O. I could not believe such a stupid mistake could be made. SMH


Or in the case of the 2009 GC, the ST & Defensive coordinator for the Riders sent a 13th man onto the field at the wrong time :stuck_out_tongue:

On a serious note, the crowd at times did get under Harris' skin last night and some of the argos more experienced oline. Then When Mitchel Gale came in, he didn't know if he was taking a S*** or tying his shoes in the argos huddle, I think in part, to our crowd noise.

Mr Young, is there any way we can improve the coaching of Ticats fans for when it is appropriate to be as loud as possible, and when it is appropriate to be as quiet as possible ??


Our section was pretty quiet - one guy in front of us just continually turning around and yelling at the crowd to make noise, no one joined in when he kept asking for "Argos suck" I didn't hear many people at all doing the ARgos suck in our section - 117 -
When it started raining there weren't many people left in the stands and when the Ticats scored that TD with about 5 mins before half it was very quiet. Right after that they suspended the game.

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I heard one commentator saying that Harris had to quickly run towards the bench to get the call as he could not hear it. The blew team took some procedure penalties, some of which could be attributable to the noise.

I think the 13th man did their jobs. :thup: :thup:

Satisfactory ! Always room for improvement :thup:

I agree there was noise when the blew team was in the huddle, I just noticed it to be a lot louder when they lined up. It was our rookie game this year. The 13th man will get better over time. Austin is always preaching to get better each game.


Remember earlier in the week, when the Argos tweeted that the noise would have no effect on Harris?

If some teams can have drum corps banging during the opposition huddle, then why not have the steam whistle blasting with the crowd during the other team's O huddle?

Perhaps, the Tiger cats could have videos on their site featuring some of the players providing instruction and encouragement with the noise, like when to do it.

Post a video on the scoreboard with one of the players quietening the fans during our O huddle and having them make noise during the enemy's.

Please…stop telling the crowd when to get loud. Our fans should be educated enough.

And if Mike Naburs has to tell me that they want to hear us in Guelph, Waterdown or Timbuktu one more time!!!! Argh!

Some are new fans. They post similar videos in Seattle where they have the loudest crowds in the NFL. They even put a up a volume meter.

The players want it. The coach notes it. It has a positive effect on the game results. Why not encourage fans to do so??

My comment about Mike Nabuurs was that he asked fans to be loud when we had the ball. A big no no which needs to be corrected imho.


I'm confused by what Nabuurs is doing.

Even some of the players have commented that they want the fans quiet when our offense is on the field, except when they make a good play.

was confused by that as well but than noticed it was just coming back from a tv time out. the play was already in and players set. as soon as the whistle was blown to play the place was whisper quite

pigskinv2.0 is a lot worse. he will actually start the chant just as they are snapping the ball

Agreed. We were commenting to each other in the stands that on that play the noise sure seemed to work.

However, LOTS of people in our section #202 only made noise when prompted. Wish it could be changed but doesn't seem likely.


I thought it was just fine. The rain sucked, and the Ticats held a comfortable lead in the 2nd half. No reason to scream like crazy in the 4th Q

Last year the Cats held a "comfortable lead in the 2nd half" and lost to the Arghblows late. The Eskies held a "comfortable lead in the 2nd half" of last night's game and lost late. You should always scream like crazy in the 4th Q of a CFL contest.

Meh. I'll get a little excited, but I'm not going crazy in the 4th Q of a 21 point game. To each his own I guess.