Not Leaving by Fred Ziffel

.........come to the light jm.........come into the is good........

What is wrong with red hair?
Lots of famous people have read hair!
Howdy Dowdy
Ronald McDonald
The little red haired girl!!!!!(Chuckie B's girlfriend)
The list goes on and on

.....thanks, just put me in a list with Ronald McDonald.....good job..... :slight_smile:

Howdy Dowdy is on that list as well ya know!

heck, after all the stuff I got thrown at me, I should have left long ago, but I stick it out cuz I'm not quitter, only way I'm going is when I get banned.

Thing that got me about Fred is that his frist topics had nothing to do with football at all, even when I came on here, I wanted to talk football, not other things which I only got into on my tenth or something topic.

and my frist ever topic was about a rule chage, which I quickly dismissed after hearing every ones comments, god, brings back memories.

I don't know who Howdy Dowdy is.....if, however, you're talking about Howdy Doody, then I would take offense..... :lol:

Yup Doody it is!!!!!!!

You also forgot Yosemite Sam.

Hey, Gomer.....I mean 1313.....don't forget that I've seen pics of you as well..... :twisted:

geeze be nice to some people and that is the thanks you get :lol:

I haven't seen a pic of you yet Ro, could you show me one, don't be afraid.


HA staying on the dark side!

Ah ha haaaa hahhaaaa hahhaaaaaahahhahaaa…


aw, c'mon mate, if it's such a thing for you, PM me a pic, don't be a chicken. I'm already planning to arm myself when we meet in person for the frist time (don't worry, I have no intention to kill you unless you threaten my physical being).

Yeah.....that's a good way to meet people......"hey, I'd like to meet you - bear in mind I'll be packin' a weapon, but don't worry, I won't use it unless you make me....."

We mods have sworn to keep our identities secret from mere mortals

Its in the hand book

C'mon ro.....

too late for third and Geo then.

"hey, is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?" :lol:

hand book, WTF?

jm02, that’s bloody brilliant!!!