Not Leaving by Fred Ziffel

I was thinking about leaving this site, but now I think I will stick around.
You comments cant hurt me. So I am going to stay around and be a REAL PAIN for everybody.
You are going to have to pay me to get rid of me.

Glad to have you around Ziffle...
I will need support in this years elections..
Top mod... of this forum is up for the grabs..
If I become Top mod..I will bring the CFL forum, back to the CFL fans...
One vote for Hank..will be a vote for, all things right, in this world..

You got my vote. Even my financial support.
If i stick around my vote counts just as much as the others who are on my case.
Love it.

Votes would be very important if..........
This were a democracy

Edited at Fred's request.

Touche. That was a good one.

What little clique? Fred you are at the mercy of those of us with a lick of common sense and decency, something you seem to either have very little of or you just refuse to make use of it.

So exactly what the hell was that anyways? Some sort of immature challenge? You say you want to stick around and be a pain in my ass? Are you a Stampeder or what? Maybe I missed it, probably saw and just didn't care. You are insignificant anyways. Stick around then and let the games begin, at least until we have had enough fun and THEN we punt your ass! LOL!


.....hey supertoe, where you been? He's already been punted once.....this is his second attempt..... :roll:

.........fred, I don't recall anyone telling you to scram, so I'm not sure why we continue to be treated to your self-imposed martyrdom shtick........try talking some football, contribute to a discussion once or twice where it doesn't dissolve into a hey-look-at-me-guys-look-what-I'm-doing post.......ask Kanga, if there's one thing that gets thumbs down fairly quick it's posts that read like personal diary inserts about the greatness of oneself........just trying to help.........

I agree r&w come on Fred thats see what you can post about football! After all this is the CFL site. This is not the FZ site! You and Kanga should have your own web site!

who is currently top mod?
when is the election?

There is never an election.

how does one become a mod?

You get nominated by other mods, then appointed by the big-wigs.

Funny no one else on here has a big problem with the mods. If you contribute to the football discussion and follow the forum guidelines you won't have a problem either. Since this is your second go around you would think you would have learned that lesson by now. And don't make any more topics like this one where you are looking for pity because some mod hurt your feelings.

I have a problem with the mods, especially that jm02 lady. Who does she think she is having Red hair and all. That is not allowed if you are a Rider fan. GEEEZZ

What's wrong with red hair?? :wink:

Better then green hair get his drift JM02! Could it be naw JM02 would never be a stamp fan! way, rw05.....don't even bother trying to convert me.....