Not Lancaster's fault

You can blame 2003 squarely on Ron Lancaster's shoulders but you cannot blame this mess on him.

He didn't pick these coaches, he didn't pick these players and listening to him on the radio after the game it sounds like, if he could, he would fire the entire coaching staff.

This man literally had to catch a plane immediately to become head coach of this team the next day.

I initially thought it was a stupid idea but if there is a way to do the offensive and defensive coaches, but I don't know how you do it.

Some jackanape on the 5th QTR pulls the ol Lacaster controls everything schtick.
Pure fantasy.

Hey, "steve" in box j, you managed to get a chuckle out me .

The guy was a moron.

As is Dan on the phone now, these people are nuts.

AGREE 100%. It’s a fact. Imagine if Marshall was still head coach???

Comedy night on 5th qtr.
Goof says Lancaster is "scared" to make changes After Lancaster cut more guys than Marshall did in two years.

Awful, just awful.

We have perhaps the most clueless callers around.

Finally a half decent caller asking why we blame the coaches when the players cant tackle, take penalties and dont execute.

Another great call. That guy that called in and said that there are too many people in this city blaming Lancaster for this team's performance is one of the few smart ones around.

You all ran Danny Mac out of town, you got the team you all wanted, and it is terrible. Live with it.