Not Just The OLine - - Toronto Needs Help At LB Too

Notice in the game against Edmonton Jones never really had a DLineman dropping into coverage as he has for most of the season. I'm begining to understand why - - Jones was hiding his LBs. No coincidence that without help from the DLine dropping, the LBs had their worst game of the year. It's a lose/lose situation for Toronto - - drop a DLineman to help the LBs and sacrifice the pass rush, or let the DLine pass rush and expose the weak LBs.

Look at what Toronto has at LB. Bobby McCune was marginal at best in Calgary. Great against the run, but he's so jacked up he's not fluid enough and is lost when it comes to pass coverage. Brandon Issac is an undersized DB making a half assed effort to play LB as his main concern is to avoid contact - - unless it's a cheap shot or something after the whistle. About the only thing Issac is useful for is when he comes unblocked on a blitz and gets a shot on the QB. Marcus Ball is another undersized DB trying to fit as a LB. Unlike Issac, Ball has no problems with getting physical. Unfortunately he's undersized and often gets blown up. But Ball's biggest problem is he's out of control and just launches himself into space and hopes for the best. Ball needs to put on at least 10 to 15lbs and learn how to play LB, but of the three he has the most hope.

I'm sure the Toronto fans who forbid any criticism of the Argos are going to scream about how Toronto has the league's greatest defence and this kind of talk is too "negative". Hey, don't take my word for it - - check out the film for yourself.

Take a look at the two TDs that Edmonton scored. On the first one, Ball was unblocked but instead of looking to fill the gap he did a front somersault and faceplanted himself. After enjoying Ball's acrobatics show, Joseph walked past him untouched. On the second TD, Issac had no interest in filling his gap and just kind of feebly stepped to the side and let Joseph walk in again untouched. Joseph scrambled for a huge run of 30+yds - - where were the LBs when he got past the DLine? Cory Boyd was wide open when he caught a big second down conversion in the 4th Q - - who was the LB that was supposed to pick him up out of the backfield?