Not interested in a thread?

All you have to do is scroll to the bottom and select "muted:
You won't be notified of new posts
You won't even see the thread
Not interested in it?
Others are


Or you could simply ignore it
Not interested?
You dont have to open it

That only works on Facebook correct? I don't get muted on my computer

Did you not look at the screenshot?

yes... on my computer I don't have muted as an option

Its built into the forum
Look at the screenshot
Click on watching and select mute

for me, I have to click on NORMAL at the lower left to get the choice.

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Okay FootbalYouBet made it clearer, I pressed Normal and then got the muted button from there.... thanks ro1313 for posting.

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That's weird.,.mine says watching

well, it depends on which of the 4 choices you have it set to

Also, I think if you create a thread, you're automatically set to "watching" for that thread.

I think you are correct. Mine says “tracking”.

Another method is to hit your avatar at the top right and then click on “unread” when the menu pops up. You can then “dismiss” a topic. That is what I do for soccer related topics. It will still appear in the list of topics in case you change your mind and ever want to peek, but you it will not show up with the red circled number of new replies no matter how many of them there are.

That's it....The thread I created said I didn't said normal

that is what I have always done.

What amazes me is the people demand that a thread should be locked? Why?

Blink twice if someone is forcing you to read them

IMO they are just looking for problems...trying to start argument

I just don't open them....but shake my head at the red circle numbers


I'm proud of the number we have achieved on this forum. Thanks for your support

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Im sorry....the number of what?

The amount of the thread I started "Should the CFL Pivot From Halifax and Expand To Chicago(Or Other US Cities)".

Well of course...
People want to discuss it, more power to them.
But what would you say if I came in and demanded that it be locked because I am not interested?

I had a thread just yesterday where someone's first post was nobody cares followed by its time to lock it down!

I am not interested in expansions threads but I respect your right to discuss them as much as you like without being an ass and trying to get it locked down.
I simply don't participate

You're welcome to come aboard anytime, RO1313